Namer Party Gossip

The first annual Bay Area’s namers’ summit was held at the Eat My Words party pad on Tuesday, February 13, 2007. Sponsored by Igor and Eat My Words, the event was a smashing success. So much juicy gossip was exchanged, but I am under NDA so you won’t be hearing it from me. Attendees included […]

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No More Copywriting! 100% names & taglines

In my 23 year career, I have penned enough ad headlines, brochures, websites, and food packaging copy for the words to wrap around the earth six times. (Spaces included.) From Microsoft to Mighty Dog, I have done it all. So when California Cooler chose another writer’s “romance copy” over mine, it was just the excuse […]

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Our Household Name Makes a Clean Sweep

No less than 48 hours after my Robot-naming marathon, (remember Botabing?), I landed another robot naming project – this time from Home Robots in Mountain View, CA who needed a new name for their company and furturistic product. Fast forward three weeks… they selected incredibly cool names. We can’t let the cat out of the […]

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Namer Convention at Eat My Words

Eat My Words and Igor are hosting a namer party/reunion/gossip fest at the Eat My Words party pad next week. We invited every namer in the Bay Area, and just about all of them are converging here to tell everyone how successful they are. In addition to the professional namers, a professional mind-reader will mingle […]

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