New Household Name: Bloom Energy

I can finally let the cat out of the grocery bag on our first big project for Del Monte… Bloom Energy launched this week in four test markets around the country. In addition to naming Bloom, we coined the name Sonic Bloom for the “try it with vodka” version. We’ll be serving them at the […]

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The Joy of Lex: Naming Documentary

The Bad Boys of Igor invited me to participate in a documentary with them called The Joy of Lex, which will air on the Discovery Channel later this year. The crew filmed us brainstorming names for a new extreme pogo stick and asked us all kinds of questions about our mysterious profession. They even used […]

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New Kids on the Block

Eat My Words has 4 new clients with 5 super cool new naming projects targeted at kids. Lots of fun for us, especially when we get paid to use words like Goo and taste product samples in yummy kid flavors.

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New Names for 2 Restaurant Chains

We’ve been hired to rename a well-known restaurant chain as well as dream up a name for a brand new one. And we’ve had the extreme pleasure of working with the fabulously talented Michael Llewellyn-Williams of BrandMechanics on both fun assignments. (I got to fly out of the country with Michael for one of them!) […]

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