Spotted Dick!

What lucky naming firm got paid $100K to come up with this one? (Yes, it’s real. I spotted it at my local Safeway last week.) From Wikipedia: Spotted Dick is a steamed pudding, containing dried fruits, usually currants. The dessert is especially popular in the United Kingdom, usually served either with custard or with butter […]

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The Joy of Lex – more juicy details

As some of you know, our snarky friends at Igor invited me to join them to be filmed for a new documentary for the Discovery Channel, The Joy of Lex. The Hollywood film crew, who camped out for a few days at the Eat My Words client crash pad, told us to watch for it […]

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A long overdue book: The No Asshole Rule

Another juicy business book that I couldn’t put down on my recent vacation was The No Asshole Rule by Bob Sutton. Where was this book when I worked for ad agency tyrants and needed Christmas gifts for them? One of the reasons I started Eat My Words was so that I wouldn’t have to work […]

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What the mel?

Who came up with this doosey? (Probably the same person who invented the word “doosey.”) (Thanks to our web designer, Skott Reader of Monkey Girl Graphics, for sending this our way.)

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New Eat My Words website launched!

After months in development, the all-new new Eat My Words website is up. Check it out at

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New client: Sydney Opera House

We just finished a top secret naming gig for the prestigious Sydney Opera House. When it’s over and the fat lady sings, we’ll let you know all about it. But until then, our lips are sealed. Here’s a photo of one of the friends I made when I spent a year down under.

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