Because we don't do stale names… Frito-Lay taps EMW

As vending machine junkies, we were floored when Frito-Lay called us out of the blue. The salty snack giant was attracted to our whimsical style and fresh approach to naming, which is a great fit for their new flavors and products. With brands like Cheetos, Doritos, and Tostitos, Frito-Lay is the snack jackpot and we’re […]

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This evocative name takes the cake…

Recently, my friend John was suffering in 102º heat and sighed, “I dream of air-conditioning.” That reminded me of the most wonderful cake shop name ever, I Dream of Cake, which is on trendy Grant Street in SF’s North Beach. (I have admired founder Shimnin Li’s creations forever and recently got to taste one at […]

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Contest to name new Doritos mystery flavor

The marketing geniuses at Doritos have launched another brilliant promotion – asking their customers to name their new mystery flavor, currently called X-13D, which is packaged in a can’t-miss black bag. You have to taste the chips to figure out the flavor. The winner of the contest will become a “Doritos Flavor Master” and get […]

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Hey, it's a tax write off.

A lot of people ask us about the NAMING license plate on our website – we know it looks like it was created in Photoshop, but I can assure you that it’s the actual plate on my car. (I couldn’t believe that it was actually available when I got it a few years ago.) And […]

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Best Laundromat Names

Writing about the dog wash Laundromutt (below) reminded me of SF’s hippest laundromat/cafe, Brainwash. It has sleek machines, live music, and you can score crack right outside. I love the wildly colorful chairs, which are so cool, most of them have been stolen. (BTW, the chair artist, Melisssa Hutton, has a piece in the Eat […]

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Our awesome StudySmart client, Alex Gramling, (who is the president of the Eat My Words fan club), tipped us off to this hysterical name for a dog washing place in Cambridge, MA – Laundromutt. We also love the cheeky name for their waiting area, the Barka-Lounge, where you can watch TV while you wait.

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We tried to be sexy…

We always get asked if we only create playful names. While those certainly are our favorite kind of names and the ones we feature in the Eat My Words portfolio, we occassionaly do more straight-forward corporate names. For instance, Landor refered Marcus Associates to us to help them rename Areva, a West Coast transformer company. […]

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New name for Safeway brand

If you shop at Safeway or any of their sister stores, you may have noticed their sexy new house brand, Eating Right, created by the package design geniuses at Anthem. They hired Eat My Words to come up with a phrase for the system of color-coded spots on each package that feature the dietary benefits […]

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EMW office featured in HOW's Creativity Issue

HOW magazine is a bible of the design industry. Every issue includes a feature on a swanky design studio in their “Workspace” spread. They have never featured a naming firm, but when they saw photos of the wildly colorful Eat My Words office, the editor decided to bend the rules. Look for the spread and […]

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