How other naming firms work: the process revealed

In a stunning admission in a recent article, Jim Singer of Namebase (the naming firm behind such gems as Any’tizers™, Tranax, and Softwin razors), revealed the company’s naming process, “We sit around a table and think up good-sounding words, and then we take them apart and try to sell them to the clients afterwards with […]

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A lame duck and other names that make us cringe.

Here’s the latest batch of “what were they smoking?”Head Scratchers™ for the Name Shame Hall of Fame™.AflaceHarmonyInxight Federal SystemsesuranceVehixxpedxLegal ZoomWith a Twyst Aneres (Serena spelled backwards – get it?!!!) ALCiS (pain relief cream – ironic considering the painful name) Many thanks to Three Girls Media, who have a knack for spotting really lame names and […]

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Lolita Bed for sexually active pre-teens!

LONDON (Reuters) – A chain of retail stores in Britain has withdrawn the sale of beds named Lolita and designed for six-year-old girls after furious parents pointed out that the name was synonymous with sexually active pre-teens. Woolworths said staff who administer the web site selling the beds were not aware of the connection. In […]

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