Raw Modesy, Unharmed Donkeys, Con Men, and other strange naming firm anagrams

One of our favorite websites for wordplay is the Internet Anagram Server. Give it a whirl and see what your name spells when you jumble the letters. (For instance, “Alexandra Watkins” = “An Award In Sex Talk” and “Drink A Sealant Wax.”) We ran the name “Eat My Words” through and here’s what we found… […]

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What's the (exclamation) point, SOLUT!

Granted, this company is not well known, or particularly interesting, but we can’t pass up a bad name when we run across it. In our sights today is Duracorp (hello 1950’s!!) who have announced that they are changing their name, logo and tagline, all of which is included in one graphic on the right.Some comments […]

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Oriental Mildew – a taste of Zimbabwe

If you have ever sucked down a mouthful of African river water like I did in Zimbabwe, where I nearly drowned in the Zambezi and ended up in Zambia, you will be delighted to know that that delicious taste has now been replicated (or at least it sounds like it has) in a new Zimbabwe […]

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Make Love, Not Landfill

Americans are currently adding 30 million PET water bottles to our nation’s landfills – everyday! To help get the message out, Eat My Words created this new slogan for our client SIGG, makers of the coolest water bottles on the planet. (See next post…)

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Our "Red Alert" SIGG bottle featured on The Today Show

Anyone who has ever been to a party at Eat My Words gets a super cool SIGG bottle as a party favor. SIGG was featured in TIME magazine’s “The Most Amazing Inventions of 2005” – the recognition comes a little late because SIGG has been around nearly 100 years – but better late than never, […]

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Compare the names of 30 naming firms in one little PDF.

Any naming firm can dazzle you with impressive lists of clients, slick presentations and puffed up mumbo jumbo about their patent-pending Verbal Identity Engineering process. But when it comes down to it, you’re not hiring a naming firm for all the hoo-ha – you’re hiring them to create the perfect name. For your convenience (and […]

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An enlightened name change.

HeliumReport was a website devoted to helping millionaires take the guesswork out of high-end purchases (fractional jet, anyone?). They came to us for a new name that was more reflective of their business and affluent audience. The final contenders were The Gravy (alluding to the good life and rich information) and Halogen Guides (illuminating information […]

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How to get more mileage out of your brand name

Most names get slapped on a product, website or business card and the buck stops there. But you can get a lot more mileage and ROI out of a name if it has long legs. A name with legs is rich in wordplay, lends itself to brand extensions, has an unlimited shelf life, can grow […]

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How your name can generate buzz and bacon

In today’s freaky economy, advertising budgets are facing extinction and marketing dollars are being stretched like carnival taffy. Your name has to do more, say more, and work harder than ever before. Without a massive ad campaign to drill it in (think: Head On), consumers cannot remember brand names that are tame, tired, copycat, spelling-challenged, […]

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Eat My Words featured in

from April 7, 2008 Small, But SpunkyCreate an inspiring and functional office when space is limited. By Jennifer Grzeskowiak“If you have a creative business, what better way to showcase your creativity than with your office?” asks Alexandra Watkins, owner of Eat My Words, a naming firm in San Francisco. Watkins’ 900-square-foot work space is […]

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Spoon Me, Baby!

The frozen yogurt chain we named “Spoon Me” is enjoying phenomenal success… check out how wildly popular it is…

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