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Posted by admin on April 7, 2008

April 7, 2008

Small, But Spunky
Create an inspiring and functional office when space is limited.

By Jennifer Grzeskowiak

“If you have a creative business, what better way to showcase your creativity than with your office?” asks Alexandra Watkins, owner of Eat My Words, a naming firm in San Francisco. Watkins’ 900-square-foot work space is so creative, in fact, that when clients from Del Monte walked into the space, they said they had to work with her. Among other things, the clients saw a diner-style booth functioning as a desk and conference room table, a pink refrigerator used as a bookcase, and a sizable collection of hot sauce bottles and floaty pens.

While the office provides plenty of visual interest that reflects Watkins’ personality, it’s also highly functional. The booth seats lift up for storage, and a custom credenza houses a printer, laptop, books, office supplies and paper. Watkins also had a less-than-3-foot-high closet turned into a storage cabinet with horizontal flat files. And she stores organizational bins wherever possible, including under a couch and behind curtain panels.

“I didn’t want the space to look like an office while I was living there,” she says. “But now that I’m not living there, I still don’t want it to look like an office.”

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