Biggest Mistakes When Choosing a Domain Name/Company Name

As long as I’m on my soap box writing about annoying Naymz (next post), here are some mistakes to avoid when choosing a name for your company and a domain name to go along with it: Don’t name your company something just because the domain name is available on GoDaddy for $9.95 Don’t give up […]

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Naymz That Make Us Insane

I was interviewed this week by Inc. Technology on what the biggest mistakes are in choosing a domain name. I wish I had remembered this doozie – Naymz, which is the epitome of everything WRONG with a name… It’s seriously spelling-challenged (we’ll give it an A+) and beyond annoying. The cutesy spelling is downright offensive […]

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The not so "100% unfooled around with" Simply Orange tagline

One of the things you should be cognizant of when naming your company or devising your company slogan is not to paint yourself into a corner. This lesson has been learned by Simply Orange®. When the company was started in 2001, they were just that, Simply Orange® (Juice) with the slogan “100% unfooled around with.” […]

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