Ahoy matey! Our newest name, Emerald Island, sparkles brilliant green.

We’re thrilled to announce that we can finally let the cat out of the bag and tell you about Emerald Island, the cool new eco-inspired virtual world for kids that Eat My Words named for one of our favorite clients, Fluid Entertainment. On Emerald Island kids become part of an engaging storyline and work together […]

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Rival firm Igor continues to dominate Google

Our friends at Igor have long dominated Google, always appearing in the top results for key phrases including “naming firms,” “branding firms,” and “name my product.” Masters of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Igor is the bane of many naming firms who obsessively monitor their biting blog, Snark Hunting, and are baffled by how Igor continues […]

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Mistubishi: Is Drive@earth a good idea?

The official explanation of Mitsubishi’s new, um, tagline, Drive@earth is this twofold nonsense: The first is the company’s heritage of helping people get anywhere on the planet, particularly with its four wheel drive vehicles. The second aspect is a recognition of the environment and issues relating to it. What? To us it sounds like they […]

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Eat My "Wordle" Meets the SMILE & SCRATCH Test

Lifehacker, one of our favorite websites, introduced us to the tasty and addictive Wordle. In their own words “Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.” This is so cool that we don’t even care if the name is good or not. It amazes us that people create this stuff […]

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Alexandra sheds some Light on naming in Smart Money

Asked & Answered: Marketing Multiple BusinessesJune 24, 2008 By Colleen DeBaise QUESTION: Your Oct. 30, 2007, article described people who run multiple businesses. My problem is a little different. I am a freelance writer offering business- and career-writing services. Last year, I also started a direct-sales business (selling health and wellness products). How do I […]

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Outdoor Cocktail Party + Serious Global Warming = Sizzling Fun in the Summertime

Sometimes, global warming works in your favor. That was the case last night at our 3rd annual Summer Fling. Held on the garden patio at the Eat My Words SOMA party pad, guests dined on a catered Mediterranean feast, which included succulent mushrooms, grilled lamb burgers, fresh melon with prosciutto and mozzarella, and homemade gelato […]

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Taco Bell Gets Jiggy With It – Find Your Rap Name, Flyboy

In a strange and very very square attempt to get some ink, Taco Bell has ” challenged” 50Cent to change his name to, wait for it…….79, 89 or 99Cent, which is the cost on the new Taco Bell fine dining “Why Pay More” value menu (without a question mark, BTW).. Riiiiight. 50Cent is not amused. […]

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Save the planet with out newest SIGG bottle

Inspired by the wildly successful and annoyingly ubiquitous, “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” canvas tote, the tagline geniuses at Eat My Words created a catchy and fitting slogan, “I’m Not Plastic,” for longtime client SIGG. This slogan works harder than the overly obviously and silly “I’m not a plastic bag” because both the aluminum bottle […]

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On the Radio – Alexandra Explains Money Making Marketing Method

Alexandra’s latest appearance on PR 101 Radio had her discussing how to monetize your company name and how to avoid costly naming mistakes. (Listen here). She spoke at length about one of Eat My Words favorite naming clients, “Spoon Me” and how they have very creatively and successfully used their name to, as Alexandra puts […]

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Wall Street Journal features our SMILE & SCRATCH Name Test

How to Choose a Company Name: A 12-Point Test June 5, 2008, 5:31 pmPosted by Wendy Bounds For entrepreneurs, the importance of picking the right name for a company may rank second only to naming a child. (And it’s lot more expensive to change.) Name consultants are paid millions each year to help decide what […]

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Meet "Hollywood," our superstar Sous Chef namer

Affectionately referred to as “Hollywood” by the Eat My Words team, actress/writer/namer Gina Sorell (who at one time was known simply as “Jinxy”), is an urban hipster who has her finger on the pulse of what’s hot and hip in Los Angeles, Manhattan, Toronto and beyond. A Second City alumna, Gina is fast on her […]

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Who to "Believe"

We here at Eat My Words are not political animals, but something caught our eye today that is interesting. Sam Stein at the Huffington Post tells us that, in his words, “McCain Rips Off Obama’s Slogan and Logo“. Here is his side by side comparison:Looks a tad familiar no? As Mr. Stein points out, Obama […]

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Alexandra featured speaker at City Club of SF "Secrets of Success" series

Next Tuesday afternoon. Alexandra will be the featured speaker at the City Club of San Francisco for their “Secrets of Success” series. She was invited to talk there after someone on the board heard her speak on how she broke into the naming business through some quick thinking on a date. Alexandra will be […]

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Eat My Words featured in Inc. Technology article

Is Your Domain Name Killing Your Business? By Jodi MardesichJune 3, 2008 Was the name of your company taken in the dot-com world? Or did you add a hyphen or change an “s” to a “z” at the end of your company name figuring that customers would just figure it out? Putting up a website […]

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Boy, Is Their Face Magenta

Deutsche Telekom has lost their trademark lawsuit in which they tried to corner the market on the color magenta for the T Mobile brand. They sued Telia and even sent a C&D letter to Engadget Mobile. From the T Mobile website: T-Mobile is a federally registered trademark, and the magenta color is a trademark, of […]

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Alas, Name Mangler is not one of our Competitor's

We recently ran across this company, and thought that at last, one of our competitor’s was fessing up with a descriptive name of what they do. However, it is not a naming company but a file naming utility. Ah well. Just in case, these URL’s were available this morning, if any of you guy’s want […]

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