We pity the fuil who named this Cuil.

The latest Google wannabe and new entrant to the Name Shame Hall of Fame, is “Cuil”. The company says that “Cuil” is pronounced “cool”. Really? We think whoever came up with this name is a tuil. As noted in a catty write up in Silicon Alley Insider, “We can’t pronounce it, we can’t spell it, […]

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Interview with Alexandra in Toy Magazine

Alexandra was recently featured in an interview in EdPlay magazine, which is the go-to resource for specialty toy, game, gift, and museum stores. We think toy store names should be fun, whimsical and cheeky, yet they are often the worst offenders and biggest Head Scratchers. Case in point: abraKIDabra, F.A.O. Schwartz, Toys “R” Us, and […]

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Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape of names we are born with, marry into, or want to shed like an itchy wool sweater.

Today I got a very clever inquiry from a freelancer that I just had to share with all of you… “I’m a freelance copywriter with a name that’s hard to spell and pronounce. (But my parents were pharmacists, so I guess I’m lucky they didn’t call me Diphenhydramine — or Benadryl for short.) Although my […]

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Our newest client Rachelle Goodfriend helps couples in the bedroom and beyond.

Does it really matter if you and your partner have vastly different design tastes? Can style disagreements really lead to big-time marital problems? What are some of the juiciest conflicts couples have? See our newest client, Rachelle Goodfriend of Goodfriend Design Group, answered these questions and more in a revealing interview in the glossy new […]

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Eat My Words hits the cool client jackpot

Eat My Words has so many fun new clients that we have barely been able to catch our breath since Memorial Day. Some of the cool things we’re naming are an uber-hip PR firm, a tasty new vodka, a modern day fortune teller (so to speak), a new tuna sub-brand for Star-kist, a yummy new […]

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Eat My Words Office in New Interior Design Book

We were just notified that the wildly colorful “wall-to-wall eye candy” Eat My Words office has been selected to be showcased in a new interior design book that will spotlight “some of the coolest, hippest, most-awesome-of-all, killer-looking places to work.” Published by Collins Design, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers, the book features work environments […]

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Our name ideas for the McConaughey love child…

First of all, let me clarify that I was JOKING yesterday when I updated the status on my LinkedIn profile to say “Alexandra was paid a million dollars to name Nicole Kidman’s new baby, Sunday.” I wish! (I love the name Sunday. Very Tuesday Weld.) And now, more baby news… Hunkster Matthew McConaughey has a […]

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Gname Our Gnew Gnome

The latest edition to the wildly colorful Eat My Words office is a nameless gnome by famed designer (and Target sell-out), Philippe Starck. Our Super Girl Friday Heidi, suggested the name Gnorm, but since it violates the #1 rule of the Eat My Words SMILE & SCRATCH Test (Spelling-challenged), Gnorm is a big Gno Gno. […]

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Are you creative enough to be an Eat My Words namer? Take the test.

Dreaming up names can be a blast if you have talent. Of course the names created by Eat My Words aren’t your typical trainwrecks resembling encrypted passwords that some naming firms pass off as “creative.” Our names actually have concepts behind them. For instance, a chain of frozen yogurt stores named Spoon Me, an all-natural […]

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The aptly named company Kluster FKC is using trying to use crowdsourcing (and $1 million) to name companies via their second venture, (their first crowdsourcing venture, Knewsroom went kaput in 37 days…ouch). For $99, claims to give you three world-validated names for your thingamajig in 48 hours. We had no idea that “world-validated” […]

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