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Posted by Alexandra Watkins on September 5, 2008

Choking Hazard Sometimes we find juicy news not worthy of a full blog post, yet too darn good to not share with you. These “Tasty Tidbits” are digestible bites of news about new names and the naming industry and what we think of them here at Eat My Words. Bon Appetit!

Bengal Star Receiver Ditches Old Name (but fails at math)

Bengals receiver Chad Johnson (he is number 85) has legally changed his Ochocinco name to Chad Javon Ocho Cinco. The reason is that he wanted Ocho Cinco to be on the back of his football jersey, but the team would not permit that since their policy is to only have the players last name listed. Spanish is not our native tongue, but ocho cinco translates to 8, 5. 85 is ochenta y cinco.

Titan Prisons Rebranded as “Cluster Prisons”

Seems the English populace thinks the Titan Prisons (so named because extra large jails holding up to 2,500 prisoners) are not appropriate for proper rehabilitation. The solution? The Ministry of Justice is “rebranding” them as Cluster Prisons. Mind you, it is not changing anything but the name. It sounds like a cluster something. Other “rebranding” names considered were Crumpets, High Tea, Banger, Cheeky, Pish Posh and Mary Poppins.

E-namersis №1 worldwide interactive naming-center, or so they say.


Um, we doubt it. E-ven their name sucks.

You know where the heart of the continent is? No?…… It’s Winnipeg, as evidenced by their new Winnipeg_sign slogan:

Welcome to Winnipeg – Heart of the Continent. Proving once again that Canadians should give up on slogans that go nowhere. Runner up was Winnipeg – Spleen of the Continent.

Looks like they drew quite a crowd. What’s with the random VW racer?

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