Announcing a fresh new name for Second Chance Coffee: I HAVE A BEAN

When some people thought the name Second Chance Coffee implied that the beans were recycled, the founders knew it was time for a name change. The name Second Chance stemmed from the mission of the company – to help ex-offenders help themselves by providing gainful post-prison employment, job training and a community of acceptance. The […]

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Out of our minds for Brain Thaw

Ex-Microsoft guy John Grispon came to Eat My Words for a cool name and tagline for his new marketing consulting company. Since John helps people put “ideas into action,” we named his company Brain Thaw. We love John and it’s not just because on the side he’s a dreamy print model and was George Clooney’s […]

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Tweet My Words (before someone nabs your name)

Hurry and register your name on Twitter before someone else hijacks it and tweets your words. It’s free to sign up and takes all of 17 seconds. Even if you don’t have the foggiest idea of what Twitter is or how you could possibly use it to get business, do yourself an enormous favor and […]

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I must confess that truuconfessions is a truuly dreadful name.

Regular Kitchen Sink contributor Robin Wolaner of TeeBeeDee tipped us off to this truuly dreadful name, truuconfessions, which was clearly the result of someone thinking they were being clever by snagging the domain name for $9.95 on GoDaddy. (The correct spelling, is parked – why not just pony up the money and save yourselves […]

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Obama O's Cereal "Hope In Every Bowl"

Just caught this on Twitter. (Thanks Edith!)

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Hail to the Obama Ch-Ch-Chia Pet

Mik spotted this latest product to cash-in on the Obama name… From the website:Can you grow one? YES YOU CAN.Easy to do… Fun to Grow.Full growth 1-2 weeksReuse your Chia indefinitelyContains: Chia Obama handmade planter Chia Seed packet for 3 plantings Convenient Drip Tray Planting and care instruction sheet

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Marketing gurus re-name pollack to boost sales… and call it COLIN

Thanks to Kitchen Sink fan Igal Gabbay for alerting us to the latest naming disaster from the nitwit Brits…Marketing gurus re-name pollack to boost sales… and call it COLIN from the salacious tabloid, The Daily MailBy Sean Poulter06th April 2009 When the marketing experts at Sainsbury’s sat down to the task of trying to boost […]

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Brooklyn Restaurant’s Name Hits a Sour Note

From the New York Times… By KAREEM FAHIM Published: April 3, 2009 To the list of lofty names that glamorize the city’s fried chicken stands, like Crown, Royal and Kennedy, one Brooklyn restaurant owner decided to add another: Obama. From the restaurant’s perspective, the name change grew out of pride in the new president and […]

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Someone should be jailed for this frightful name: Child Predator Hands

Thanks to Lenny Raymond for tipping us of to this frightening name:Child Predator Hands From the product description…Predators are hunters who look for trophies of other dangerous species for sport such as humans and other aliens. This latex Predator Hands costume product has metal look gauntlets and knife details. Add this to your child’s Predator […]

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