We have everything but the Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink blog received this inquiry today from a spelling-challenged person who has been whiffing too much Liquid Plumber… Dear Sir/MadamMy name is (name withheld to protect the confused) and i will like to know wether u have Kitchen sinks and also the brands tht u carry as well as the most cheapest instock.and […]

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Who wants to eat at Crabby Dicks?

Thanks to our pal Rich Binell of Get Rich Quick (one of our favorite business names) for sending us photos of racy restaurant names. Our favorite one: Crabby’s Dicks, a Delaware landmark who is monetizing their name with t-shirts and attracting customers with free balls.

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New "Head Scratcher of the Year" Contender: Chyngle

OMG, their name as confusing as what they do… “Chyngle is the first mobile location-based service to provide a venue branded ultra-local experience for users to interact and exchange value with each other and their surroundings within what we call Ultra-Local Environments™ or ULE’s.” Huh?Too bad the Chynglers didn’t see this before they paid $14.95 […]

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Here Comes Trouble – Naughtiest School Boy and Mean Girl Names

From BBC News Teachers spot trouble in a name British teachers think they can tell which pupils are likely to play up by looking at their names, a survey suggests. The poll of 3,000 teachers found more than one in three expected pupils with certain names to be more disruptive. Pupils called Callum, Connor, Jack, […]

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