Homo Milk. "Every drop delicious."

A Canadian product named Homo Milk is just WRONG. Equally disturbing is the suggestive photo of the innocent young boy pictured drinking it on the Island Farms website, especially with the provocative tagline, “Every drop delicious.” Are you serious, Canada?

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A painfully funny name: Briss

Our main man Mik discovered this baby… Briss is a (snore) cross-platform open-source Java application that (aha!) trims PDFs so they fit better and are easier to read on your eReader. Fun! We love this reaction… “This is outrageous. PDF mutilation is inherently wrong! At least let him wait until he’s old enough to decide […]

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Do you guys sell kitchen sinks?

It’s bad enough that we get cupcake orders for a Toronto bakery named Eat My Words (dot org), but these kind of emails, which I get on a regular basis, really take the cake: Subject: Order I will like to know if you do carry kitchen sinks. Get back to me with the types and […]

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Do they use coat hangers to groom them?

“Doggie Dearest,” Manhattan a dog and cat grooming parlor, has a name that might appear innocent to some, but insiders (like our name spotter, Gary Castille), are in on the joke. Inspired by the campy cult classic film,”Mommy Dearest,” (a 1981 biographical drama about actress Joan Crawford),  Doggie Dearest is a nod to this infamous […]

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This name makes me want to reach for the barf bag

Advertised on the back of a headrest is “Gold Embryo Corn Oil.” I’m not sure which Chinese airline this was on, but I do know the next time I’m in Shanghai, I won’t eat anything fried. Thanks to Risa Dimacali for sending this in and to her husband who wisely took a photo of it, […]

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Dating websites have some of the weirdest names. We thought Zoosk was bad but this one really threw me for a loop: I thought they couldn’t get the domain “” so they we’re going for a grammatically incorrect name. The site reveals “How About We…” is the actual name, but not having an ellipse […]

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