Why and How to Register Your Business Name as a Trademark

Posted by Alexandra Watkins on October 23, 2012

Thanks to guest blogger, Belinda J. Darling, for contributing this informative post…

The importance of registering your business name as trademark cannot be overstated. Simply securing a domain name unfortunately offers little in the way of legal protection. If you value your business name and logo as integral marketing tools, registering your business as trademark is the only option to ensure peace of mind and keep copycats at bay.So how do you go about registering your business name as trademark? It’s wise to do a thorough trademark search before you register your business or company name, so that there’s no risk you’ll be infringing an existing trademark. It will also help you to determine if you will be able to attain exclusive rights to the name.If you have registered your business name, you can-and should- use a trademark symbol. You cannot use a registered symbol, however, unless you have registered your business name as trademark. The registered symbol offers a host of benefits. It infers professionalism, reliability and trustworthiness – giving you significant credibility for potential customers. It allows you to develop your brand’s identity without the threat of imitators snapping at your heels. Any parties that do appear to be appropriating your name and/or logo can usually be dissuaded with nothing more complex than a letter of warning from your trademark attorney.To learn more of the benefits of registering your business name as international trademark, visit MacMillan Trademarks.

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