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One of our resident mom and kid experts, Caroline “Ruby Sneakers” Leavitt is a natural born namer. She not only changed her first name at age 17 (don’t ask), but she’s been conjuring names, people, and places since she could hold a Crayola. Wacky about words, frenetic about phrasing, it was a natural for Caroline to enter the name game though Macy’s where she named everything from kids’ dressing rooms to men’s suits and daringly showed up at haute couture meetings wearing plastic pig earrings and glittery pink high tops. She’s now having even more fun naming anything animal, vegetable, mineral, or alien for Eat My Words.

An award-winning author of ten novels, four of which were optioned for the Silver Screen, Caroline has been profiled in the New York Times and on The Today Show twice. Her most recent novels, Is this Tomorrow and Pictures of You, both made the New York Times Bestseller List.  When not dreaming up names for Eat my Words, Caroline teaches an advanced course in novel writing through UCLA and Stanford. She also mentors writers ( and reviews books for  People Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle and The Boston Globe. And she writes a blog,

Caroline lives in a 130-year-old row house in New York City’s unofficial sixth borough, Hoboken, with her writer husband, Jeff Tamarkin. Their theater kid, Max, was one of 15 boys accepted to Pace Performing Arts University/the Actor’s Studio this year (Psst, casting directors! Hire this talented and funny singer/actor!) and it’s just a rumor that Caroline is following him all over Manhattan because she misses him so much.

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