Boastful Bios

Emily Smith

Account Manager
Working in the corporate offices of our frozen yogurt client Spoon Me, Emily knew about Eat My Words long before we had the pleasure of hiring her. And just like the name, it was love at first sight.
A recent graduate of Brigham Young University, Emily majored in Advertising and has a natural instinct for business. Her entrepreneurial brain brings a remarkably fresh perspective to everything she touches. She has flair for account management, brand identity, creative strategy, consumer insights and of course naming. And her ever-upbeat attitude is positively infectious.
As part of the coveted Millennial demographic, Emily keeps us on our toes to all things hip, alerting us to both trends and fashion faux pas. She is a master of social media marketing and was even a Pinterest beta user.
You would never know it by looking at her, but Emily eats candy day and night at an alarming rate. She usually polishes off an entire bag before lunch, much to Alexandra’s collective amusement, horror and envy.
A former BYU cheerleader, Emily is super bendy and has a passion for gymnastics, Pilates, barre, contemporary dance and Latin ballroom dance. She dedicated a year and a half to full-time church missionary service in Guatemala, where she fell in love with arroz con leche and her tall-dark-and-handsome husband, Jordan. 

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