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Sous Chef
Katie has always fashioned herself a wordsmith, but it wasn’t until she met Alexandra that she got confirmation that her mad skills were real and not just (another!) egotistical delusion. She’s worked on dozens of naming projects at Eat My Words and came up with the winning name for a new loose leaf tea, Seep it Real. She also enjoys creating names for inanimate objects such as her Subaru, “The Porsche,” and her Wifi Network, “PrettyFlyForAWifi.”
A self-proclaimed bibliophile, Katie studied journalism and English at Chico State, which she told us she attended solely for the academics, not for her interest in horticulture.
When she’s not coming up with names for Eat My Words, Katie works as a writer and editor for a magazine in San Francisco. 
She is an avid world traveler and SCUBA diver and thinks everyone’s bucket list should include diving in Thailand. On any given weekend, you can find her hiking around the Bay Area or knitting while watching reruns of Friends
She is currently working on her first novel. We’re sure the title will be as creative as she is.

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