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Sous Chef
At first glance, she may appear “vanilla,” but don’t be fooled by Monica Scalf’s suburban Midwestern life. Born and raised in the heartland, she’s married to her high school sweetheart, runs a mean carpool, and can fold laundry one-handed while watching Oprah reruns and quizzing either one of her two all American kids.
Ordinary, maybe, but she’s an expert at finding the extraordinary whether generating names for CPG brands, fueling her wildly popular blog The Ordinary Matters, booking events for her creative learning company The Playground Group, or writing her humor column for The Cincinnati Enquirer. As a former English Professor and constant lover of words, her favorite job is naming all things kids, family, and fun for Eat My Words.
Logging hundreds of hours in the aisles of neighborhood grocery stores and wandering around mega malls, Monica is in touch with the modern mom and the names that call out from the endless shelves of possibilities. Among her recent naming feats is titling her first book, Live in the Little: 52 Ways to Find the Extra in the Ordinary.

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