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Sous Chef

Growing up on the mean streets of the VTA,

Natalie played soccer 24/7 hours a day

In high school, her team nailed the state championship,

The she kicked her way into Stanford on a scholarship.

In college her studies focused on ethnicity and race,

For she had never lived in such a diverse place.

It was there she coined the term “Halfrican” one night,

Since her dad is black and her mom is white.

She stayed local for a while after graduation,

And after a year decided to change her situation.

She moved to LA and worked as a recruiter,

But realized after some time that SF would better suit her.

Back to the Bay is where she went,

And after a year working at Yelp! her energy was spent.

Since 2009 she’s been in the medical device space,

Mainly marketing lasers from outer space.

She loves searching the web for online deals,

And when at home she rarely makes her meals.

On the weekends, find her at karaoke bars,

Maybe one day she’ll be singing with the stars.

But for now she loves diving into the creative side of her brain.

And maybe she’ll come up with your product’s name.

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