Boastful Bios

Oliver Towne

Mail Chimp

Our cheeky sock monkey, Oliver Towne (named for being spotted “all over town”), commandeers the Eat My Words’ mailroom. He addresses envelopes, licks stamps, and keeps the US Postal Service under his impressively opposable thumbs. He also helps write our entertaining “Word of Mouth” newsletter. (He is not a very fast typist, which is why it only goes out a few times a year.)

While Oliver doesn’t have a corporate AmEx card, and isn’t yet registered to vote, he does have a driver’s license, which he obtained illegally over the internet.

When not monkeying around at Eat My Words, you can find Oli swinging all over San Francisco. His favorite haunt is the Tonga Room where he is especially fond of banana daiquiris. He also loves to hit the clubs, where he relentlessly pesters DJs to play oldies but goodies by his favorite band, the Monkees.

Oliver accompanies Alexandra on her world travels and was most recently with her in Hong Kong, Rio de Janerio and Iguazu Falls. He has also enjoyed many vacations to the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park as well as Venice Beach and Palm Springs.

Oliver is saving his money to purchase a souped up hot rod, which he plans to drive to LA to visit his pal, Grady.

He is not safe for children under 3 years of age.

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