The investment in an Eat My Words brand name promises many happy returns for years to come by producing Return On Investment in the following ways:

  • Your brand name will last forever and will last longer than any other investment in your business
  • Generates buzz without spending advertising dollars
  • PR magnet — editors love our names (Hello, free PR!)
  • Instantly likeable, creating affinity for your brand – people talk about our catchy names
  • No time wasted explaining how to spell it, pronounce it, or what it means
  • Creates differentiation, which builds brand recognition and visibility– creative names get noticed in a sea of sameness
  • Emotionally connects with your target making an indelible imprint and inspiring loyalty
  • Rich in wordplay for editorial coverage, marketing materials, tradeshow themes, launch ideas and more
  • Can be monetized through merchandise and licensing, further expanding exposure, with people paying you to advertise your brand
  • Vivid imagery is ripe for eye-catching identity design
  • Stays fresh and vibrant and never becomes dated – an EMW name has an indefinite shelf life
  • Makes you a trendsetter as opposed to a copycat
  • Creates an improved image for your overall brand
  • Lets you sleep at night knowing your EMW name is working around the clock

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