Secret Ingredient
Our secret ingredient is proprietary to Eat My Words. You will not find it at any other naming firm on the planet. It all boils down to one word: FUN. Not “let’s get drunk and play Scrabble, create weird words, call them “names,” rationalize them with linguistic mumbo jumbo, convince clients to buy them, then laugh all the way to the bank” fun and games. No. It’s the kind of serious fun that happens when everything from the names, processes, communications, and even the environment we work in inspires smiles and happiness for not only us, but for our clients, and most importantly, the consumer who you need to notice, like, and buy your brand.

  • Our names are based on familiar words and fun concepts with unexpected twists
  • We don’t think Latin and linguistics are fun and neither do your customers.
  • Our names make people smile instead of scratch their heads
  • We have fun creative exercises to build team consensus and prevent fist fights from breaking out
  • Our wildly creative office is more fun than a barrel of a hundred monkeys
  • We guarantee we’ll make you laugh, or your money back

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