Frigid, Mixin' Vixens Stuff a Sock In It

If you guessed that Frigid, Mixin’ Vixens, and Stuff a Sock In It are all cool brand names created by Eat My Words, congratulations! Bonus points if you figured out that Frigid is the name of a gourmet ice cream store, Mixin’ Vixens is an all-women bartender service, and Stuff a Sock In It is […]

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Ahoy matey! Our newest name, Emerald Island, sparkles brilliant green.

We’re thrilled to announce that we can finally let the cat out of the bag and tell you about Emerald Island, the cool new eco-inspired virtual world for kids that Eat My Words named for one of our favorite clients, Fluid Entertainment. On Emerald Island kids become part of an engaging storyline and work together […]

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Save the planet with out newest SIGG bottle

Inspired by the wildly successful and annoyingly ubiquitous, “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” canvas tote, the tagline geniuses at Eat My Words created a catchy and fitting slogan, “I’m Not Plastic,” for longtime client SIGG. This slogan works harder than the overly obviously and silly “I’m not a plastic bag” because both the aluminum bottle […]

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Make Love, Not Landfill

Americans are currently adding 30 million PET water bottles to our nation’s landfills – everyday! To help get the message out, Eat My Words created this new slogan for our client SIGG, makers of the coolest water bottles on the planet. (See next post…)

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An enlightened name change.

HeliumReport was a website devoted to helping millionaires take the guesswork out of high-end purchases (fractional jet, anyone?). They came to us for a new name that was more reflective of their business and affluent audience. The final contenders were The Gravy (alluding to the good life and rich information) and Halogen Guides (illuminating information […]

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Spoon Me, Baby!

The frozen yogurt chain we named “Spoon Me” is enjoying phenomenal success… check out how wildly popular it is…

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Can your name pass The SMILE & SCRATCH Test?

The secret to powerful, unforgettable and sticky brand names is simple, “A name should make you smile, instead of scratch your head.” We evaluate every name we create based on this no-brainer philosophy – and now you can too with the new Eat My Words SMILE and SCRATCH TestTM. Run your own product and company […]

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Newly Minted Tagline for Chocolatemint Water

We’re huge fans of Metromint, so we were thrilled when they tapped Eat My Words to create a multi-purpose tagline for their new Chocolatemint water. But how would it taste? (Considering some people think Metromint tastes like mouthwash, we weren’t sure what to expect.) Luckily, Alexandra was immediately hooked. It’s simply magical, which is what […]

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Dizzywood – a new spin on invented website names

We’re not usually fans of invented website names, but when Rocket Paper Scissors asked Eat My Words to name their new virtual world, we jumped at the chance to make up a fun word. Like the website, the name had to inspire a sense of imagination, discovery, exploration, and most of all, fun. (The client’s […]

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Introducing Neato, the home cleaning robot (and household word)

For months we’ve been waiting to officially let this name out of the vacuum cleaner bag… Eat My Words is pleased to announce, Neato – a sexy little home cleaning robot from Neato Robotics, formerly known as Home Robots. The word “Neato” is fun and playful. The word “Robotics” is serious and sci-fi. They balance […]

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