What we all need is a Tightwad Bank. Take that WaMu!

We didn’t name Tightwad Bank, but we kind of wish we did. Especially these days, depositors might opt for a fiscally constipated bank. Granted it is one small branch at the moment, but what fun to brand it for the next stage. They are already selling shirts, hats and mugs. That’s great, but we think […]

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Frigid, Mixin' Vixens Stuff a Sock In It

If you guessed that Frigid, Mixin’ Vixens, and Stuff a Sock In It are all cool brand names created by Eat My Words, congratulations! Bonus points if you figured out that Frigid is the name of a gourmet ice cream store, Mixin’ Vixens is an all-women bartender service, and Stuff a Sock In It is […]

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Have Your Cake and Invest It Too

Our 2007 “Client of the Year,” Cake, is the subject of a gushing write up in today’s TechCrunch. It also introduces us to the latest Cake name extension Cakedex. If you get a chance, also stop by and take a nibble at The Slice, Cake’s weekly video market wrap-up. It’s kind of like a smarter, […]

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Our name ideas for the McConaughey love child…

First of all, let me clarify that I was JOKING yesterday when I updated the status on my LinkedIn profile to say “Alexandra was paid a million dollars to name Nicole Kidman’s new baby, Sunday.” I wish! (I love the name Sunday. Very Tuesday Weld.) And now, more baby news… Hunkster Matthew McConaughey has a […]

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Spoon Me, Baby!

The frozen yogurt chain we named “Spoon Me” is enjoying phenomenal success… check out how wildly popular it is…

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