Announcing the most frightful brand name of 2011… the Head Scratcher of the Year goes to…

There have been some awful names in the past year. Find out which one was the worst.

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What kind of sick company names a product in honor of a Nazi death camp?

Trust me. There is nothing even remotely funny about a gas chamber. My 1999 visit to the Bergen Belsen concentration camp in northern Germany was hands-down the most sobering experience of my life and one of the most unforgettable travel experiences I’ve ever had. I was reading The Diary of Anne Frank at the time […]

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Not a good Valentine's Day gift: Fat Pig Chocolate

Unless you want to break up with her, this is not a good gift…

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Announcing the worst brand name of 2010…

Putting the “wow” in bad spelling and impossible pronunciation, is Shwowp, Eat My Words’ Head Scratcher of the Year Winner for the worst brand name of 2010. It was a heated competition with other contenders including Retardex Toothpaste (need we say more), Morongo Casino (where ‘morons go’ to gamble?), and iSwipe (say it out loud). […]

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Whose name will be revealed as the worst of 2010?

We are getting ready to announce the worst brand name of 2010 – the winner of the Eat My Words’ annual Head Scratcher of the year showdown… stay tuned here for the big announcement later this week…

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Wet your whistle with Pee Cola

Thankfully Pee Cola from Ghana is actually cola (and cola colored) and not a Mountain Dew knock off. Best served at room temperature. Thirst quenching? No. Hilarious? Yes!

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Homo Milk. "Every drop delicious."

A Canadian product named Homo Milk is just WRONG. Equally disturbing is the suggestive photo of the innocent young boy pictured drinking it on the Island Farms website, especially with the provocative tagline, “Every drop delicious.” Are you serious, Canada?

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This name makes me want to reach for the barf bag

Advertised on the back of a headrest is “Gold Embryo Corn Oil.” I’m not sure which Chinese airline this was on, but I do know the next time I’m in Shanghai, I won’t eat anything fried. Thanks to Risa Dimacali for sending this in and to her husband who wisely took a photo of it, […]

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Dating websites have some of the weirdest names. We thought Zoosk was bad but this one really threw me for a loop: I thought they couldn’t get the domain “” so they we’re going for a grammatically incorrect name. The site reveals “How About We…” is the actual name, but not having an ellipse […]

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Vote for the worst brand name of the year in our catty Headscratcher Contest

Vote for the worst brand name of 2009 in our third annual Headscratcher of the Year contest. Past winners include Xobni and Shryk. How can you tell if a name sucks? It’s hard to spell, pronounce, decipher, meaningless to the audience, void of emotion, a copycat, or just gives you the heebie jeebies. (See the […]

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