New "Head Scratcher of the Year" Contender: Chyngle

OMG, their name as confusing as what they do… “Chyngle is the first mobile location-based service to provide a venue branded ultra-local experience for users to interact and exchange value with each other and their surroundings within what we call Ultra-Local Environments™ or ULE’s.” Huh?Too bad the Chynglers didn’t see this before they paid $14.95 […]

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You would have to be really thirsty to drink this…

A photo submitted from our pal Rich Binell of Get Rich Quick!

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I must confess that truuconfessions is a truuly dreadful name.

Regular Kitchen Sink contributor Robin Wolaner of TeeBeeDee tipped us off to this truuly dreadful name, truuconfessions, which was clearly the result of someone thinking they were being clever by snagging the domain name for $9.95 on GoDaddy. (The correct spelling, is parked – why not just pony up the money and save yourselves […]

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Obama O's Cereal "Hope In Every Bowl"

Just caught this on Twitter. (Thanks Edith!)

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Marketing gurus re-name pollack to boost sales… and call it COLIN

Thanks to Kitchen Sink fan Igal Gabbay for alerting us to the latest naming disaster from the nitwit Brits…Marketing gurus re-name pollack to boost sales… and call it COLIN from the salacious tabloid, The Daily MailBy Sean Poulter06th April 2009 When the marketing experts at Sainsbury’s sat down to the task of trying to boost […]

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Brooklyn Restaurant’s Name Hits a Sour Note

From the New York Times… By KAREEM FAHIM Published: April 3, 2009 To the list of lofty names that glamorize the city’s fried chicken stands, like Crown, Royal and Kennedy, one Brooklyn restaurant owner decided to add another: Obama. From the restaurant’s perspective, the name change grew out of pride in the new president and […]

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Two Mo' Eye Sore Head Scratchers

A newspaper in South Santa Clara, California has created a web design company called ISOARS. Ouch. What’s really a shame is they actually have some nice looking web design and a playful personality. But their name is an eye sore and no one wants to have a site that makes their eyes hurt. I mean […]

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The onomatopoeia for a phlegmy cough

Mik was in the hippie health section of the grocery store yesterday and came across this Head Scratcher, Umcka. I believe “umcka” is the sound one makes when trying to clear phlegm from their throat, making this irritating name an onomatopoeia, or what is also called imitative harmony (or in this case, an irritative harmony). […]

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Scientists need to stop naming things

The latest entry into the Eat My Words Name Shame Hall of fame is a Scitable, new elearning portal from the prestigious Nature Publishing Group, the world’s leading publisher of science. Created by mad scientists, this name was tested on lab rats. Thanks to Igal Gabbay for alerting us to this unfortunate blunder.

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Open Source – say it outloud – yikes!

Open Source sounds like Open Sores. Ouch!

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