Literally Eating My Words at Spoon Me

In town for Spoon Me founder Ryan Combe’s wedding over the weekend (see next post), thanks to the GPS in my rental car, I managed to hit two Spoon Me locations (and eat Spoon Me at the wedding) in less than 8 hours. Spoon Me is the name that Eat My Words is the most […]

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I'll have the Blackened Sea Kitten please.

We love animals here at Eat My Words. In fact, we own a menagerie that includes dogs, cats, several goats and one really mean goose. However, we think PETA has gone a little overboard with their new campaign to change the name of fish to “sea kittens“. The thinking is that if we view them […]

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What we all need is a Tightwad Bank. Take that WaMu!

We didn’t name Tightwad Bank, but we kind of wish we did. Especially these days, depositors might opt for a fiscally constipated bank. Granted it is one small branch at the moment, but what fun to brand it for the next stage. They are already selling shirts, hats and mugs. That’s great, but we think […]

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Eat My "Wordle" Meets the SMILE & SCRATCH Test

Lifehacker, one of our favorite websites, introduced us to the tasty and addictive Wordle. In their own words “Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.” This is so cool that we don’t even care if the name is good or not. It amazes us that people create this stuff […]

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Contest to name new Doritos mystery flavor

The marketing geniuses at Doritos have launched another brilliant promotion – asking their customers to name their new mystery flavor, currently called X-13D, which is packaged in a can’t-miss black bag. You have to taste the chips to figure out the flavor. The winner of the contest will become a “Doritos Flavor Master” and get […]

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Hey, it's a tax write off.

A lot of people ask us about the NAMING license plate on our website – we know it looks like it was created in Photoshop, but I can assure you that it’s the actual plate on my car. (I couldn’t believe that it was actually available when I got it a few years ago.) And […]

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