Coined Names – Pretty & Pretty Bad

I have great respect anyone who can invent a pretty name that sounds a like real word and suggests something about the brand. Some of my favorite coined names are Recology, Silk, Dreamery, Groupon, Scanadu, Pictionary, Cinnabon, Chillow, Pinterest and San Franpsycho. These names, also known as “portmanteaus, work well because they cleverly marry two […]

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Upcoming Book: “Hello, My Name Is Awesome”

“Hello, My Name is Awesome, How to Create Brand Names That Stick,” (Fall 2014, Berrett-Koehler Publishers) is a fast-paced, fun, fluff-free guide that  teaches business people how to create memorable brand names for products and companies. No degree in Latin or linguistics required. Written by Eat My Words founder, Alexandra Watkins, (me!),  book is jam-packed with […]

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Why and How to Register Your Business Name as a Trademark

Thanks to guest blogger, Belinda J. Darling, for contributing this informative post… The importance of registering your business name as trademark cannot be overstated. Simply securing a domain name unfortunately offers little in the way of legal protection. If you value your business name and logo as integral marketing tools, registering your business as trademark is the […]

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See what it’s like to work with the most creative and fun naming firm on the planet >>>

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Announcing the most frightful brand name of 2011… the Head Scratcher of the Year goes to…

There have been some awful names in the past year. Find out which one was the worst.

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You should get yourself to Rehab

A few months ago we got a call from entrepreneur Veeno Suchdeve of West Babylon, New York. He was opening a self-serve frozen yogurt store at the mall and wanted a more provocative name than Spoon Me, which is quite possibly the best name ever created by Eat My Words. Veeno asked us to create […]

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Crib Notes

We have been busy cooking up names for everything from caveman food to church software to consumer electronics. Our clients are choosing some fantastic names and having tremendous success in trademarking. We’ll let you know as soon as we can take them out of the Easy Bake Oven. Our superstar namer Gina (not to be […]

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Debbie Does More Than Dallas…

If you’ve ever been stuck in voicemail hell, it may have been the voice of Debbie Irwin who told you to “Press 9 for customer service.” The voice of the Statue of Liberty, Debbie is one of most interesting people I’ve ever met. A former NYC stockbroker, she left Wall Street for Sesame Street when […]

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And God said, "Let there be light," and there was…

If you’ve seen our cute little pink fridge business card, you’ve seen the work of Cindy Lee, a former designer and creative director who discovered that she is even better at sales than she is at design. For the past few years, Cindy was the top sales person for On Request Images (ORI), a company […]

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What kind of sick company names a product in honor of a Nazi death camp?

Trust me. There is nothing even remotely funny about a gas chamber. My 1999 visit to the Bergen Belsen concentration camp in northern Germany was hands-down the most sobering experience of my life and one of the most unforgettable travel experiences I’ve ever had. I was reading The Diary of Anne Frank at the time […]

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