Dan attributes his succinct writing style and a wry sense of humor to his unusual upbringing… as a lad in snow-covered Russia, young Daniel spent countless hours indoors where he wrote poetry, delved into the underground rock scene, and, due to his amazing command of popular culture, we suspect he consumed massive quantities of imported American sit-coms. He has since thawed out, become a skilled attorney, a doting dad, and one of our favorite namers.

Daniel earned a degree in Economics from “the best public University in the world,” Cal Berkeley. After working for a few dotcom era start-ups, he chose to reconnect with his inner advocate by enlisting in law school at UC Hastings.

A curious connoisseur of catchy and concise compositions, Dan has developed a taste for long-form writing, Scrabble, and clever puns. As a proud papa, daycare provider and personal shopper to two darling daughters, Dan is also conversant in everything “baby-to-elementary-school girl,” making him a tremendous resource when we are naming anything girly, silly, or kid-related. (His oldest daughter drew the picture of him here.)

Like Alexandra, Dan loves gadgets and sports a FitBit, caught up on the first 48 episodes of Breaking Bad in less than three weeks, and relishes the chance to dream up personalized license plates.

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