Kim has always had an appetite for witty wordplay. So when she heard about Eat My Words, she knew she’d found her calling.

When she’s not cooking up creative product names that’ll knock your socks off, you’ll find Kim listening to her three kids call each other names, bending over backwards in yoga class, or getting down and nerdy on her blog, Talk Wordy to Me.

Kim graduated from Brigham Young University with an English degree, then went on to write book backliners for a publishing company before she landed her dream job as associate editor for Utah Valley Magazine. She’s a foodie fanatic, a Gilmore Girls aficionado (hello, witty wordplay), a champion of Name that Tune (kid show edition) and is in a constant state of wanderlust.

Kim still dreams about living in Australia again like she did throughout high school, and going back to the English countryside, where her first novel (in progress) is set.

How strong is your brand name?