Tom was born to be a professional namer. He named his first teddy bear ‘Sir Snuggles’, his first surfboard ‘Wipeout’, and his first car ‘The Great Escape’ (although his parents called it ‘The Great Relief’). There was just one teeny-tiny problem; he never realized the naming profession existed.

Luckily, he’s a book addict afflicted with a compulsion to consume 150 plus books per year. He reads Sun Tzu for inspiration and Lao Tzu for perspective. One day he was binging on branding books when he discovered Hello, My Name Is Awesome. By chapter 5 he knew he was destined to become a professional namer. But first, he had to pass the Eat My Words Ultimate Dream Job Challenge.

So began the Tom Chanter naming-training-regime. Inspired by his creative heroes, Marie Curie, Kanye West, and Colonel John Boyd, he had to get the absolute best out of himself. So he didn’t only use Eat My Words’ tips and tricks, he surrounded himself with products Eat My Words had named. He would chew Alert (Wrigley’s caffeinated gum), listen to Kanye on Backbeat headphones (hip headphones), and keep his precious names safe with Monitor Lizard (web security).

The regime succeeded and he passed the Ultimate Dream Job Challenge with flying colors. On his first visit to our San Diego office, he was christened into the Eat My Words team when Alexandra, gave him a hat that said “Rooter,” a word she knew had a completely different meaning down under. The hat was the perfect fit for the Aussie namer, who was a perfect fit for the Eat My Words team.

Tom does creative work for startups thriving in New York, multinational banks in Zürich and the greatest naming agency in the galaxy. He graduated from Monash University with a dual major degree in Marketing and Finance. He lives in Melbourne Australia with one Italian Greyhound and thirty-seven fish.

How strong is your brand name?