More happy Namestorming clients:
“Was it worthwhile to consult with Alexandra to brainstorm a business name? You betcha! I had already tried brainstorming on my own after getting her book and was clearly stuck. Alexandra didn't just show me how to use the resources in her book, she pulled me into the process. The language part of her brain clearly runs at warp speed. Not only was the consultation fun, her ideas helped me see beyond the ordinary into new possibilities. And, I ended up with the business name I wanted!”
-Ann Yakimovicz,

(Alexandra named Ann’s senior-focused landscape gardening business, “Second Summer”)
"Thank you again for all your help and encouragement, I am so glad I found you. Our phone call gave me the confidence to keep the names I had been working on, and you gave me a ton of new ideas to boot. You are an amazing resource and incredible communicator. Rest assured I’ll be talking you up whenever the opportunity presents itself. You’re the best!"
-Elizabeth Klein,

(Alexandra helped Elizabeth rename her accounting business, “Numberyard”)
"Alexandra was most helpful on our consulting call helping us break a deadlock on some name options. She did her homework and in just a short hour came up with some wonderful options. We used the online tools she gave us to further vet out other options on the table. I would highly recommend her to any entrepreneur before they make the mistake of choosing a real bad name."
-Alex Frost,

(Alexandra helped Alex brainstorm names for his flower bar.)
"My session with Alexandra was even better than I expected. After a few minutes of talking, Alexandra was able to get a clear sense of what I wanted to accomplish and within moments created a perfect tagline for my business. Her intuitive and strategic style creates magic!"
-Rebecca Farrar,

(Alexandra created Tell’em’s tagline, “People who help people who help people.”)
“If you are a new product manager, director of a business unit or start-up entrepreneur, make the investment to hire Alexandra for an hour to help you come up with memorable name ideas. The proprietary process she has created and used productively with many businesses makes miracles happen. It did for my new management training business. As a result of engaging her with her in the creative process, you will experience the joy and the wonder of witnessing a new birth. And your brand will be ready for takeoff.”
-Roy Young,

(Alexandra helped Roy come up with a soon-to-be-announced name)
"Alexandra is a genius - she may well be the quickest AND the most creative genius I've ever met!"
-David Lortscher,

(Alexandra suggested the name “Selfie Skin,” for his new dermatology app)
"What I like about working with Alexandra is that she instantly understood what my business was about, the target demographic, how to appeal to them, the mood the tone She just "GOT IT" it save me so much time and effort and energy. So many people told me not to pay a company to name my business - I wasted at least six months I should've gone to her right away."
-Paula H. Bennett,

(Alexandra named Paula’s high-end lifestyle brand, “Grail”)
"It was great working with Alexandra who has an uncanny ability to jump start any product or business naming process. Expect very unique and memorable names!"
-Andrew Sofie,

(Alexandra helped Andrew come up with an exciting, soon-to-be-announced-name)
"Alexandra was helpful in wrangling the process and the conversation As the business owner, I knew it would be important to invite colleagues to the naming session who have worked with me for a long time and really know my business. It was a successful session and we appreciated the guidance."
-Dana Wright,

(For her team-building workshops, Alexandra came up with the name, “The Ripple Effect”)
"Alexandra is certainly extremely creative and she brought a lot of energy to the process. In the end, she helped us to come up with a great name. Now the difficult part is actually doing something with it."
-Mark Cramer,

(Alexandra helped Mark come up with a soon-to-be-announced name)
"Alexandra managed to help me very effectively and very quickly. I needed to have a business name quickly for a business we needed to get up and running. She was genuinely interested in knowing about my business and my clients and what my new business stands for. She was friendly and very easy to work with. Thank you very much Alexandra."
-Garth Davis,

(Alexandra helped Garth come up with a soon-to-be-announced name)
"I consulted with Alexandra after reading her brilliant book, Hello, My Name Is Awesome: How to Create Brand Names That Stick. I found her to be just as creative, resourceful, and quick-thinking "in person" as in her book. She helped me to see new possibilities and made brainstorming a name for my business an enjoyable experience."
-Grace Ang,

(Alexandra helped Grace brainstorm names for her business, name TBA)
"My consulting call with Alexandra was even better than I expected! She is fun, creative, and never seems to run out of ideas. We ended the call with a long list of names, many of which were exactly what I was looking for. She also gave me access to her secret sources, allowing me to continue to search for names on my own. I was completely stumped looking for a unique name in such a popular industry, and within an hour I had some great options. Thank you Alexandra!"
-Kenzie Goodall,

(Alexandra helped Kenzie brainstorm names for her cake shop, name TBA)
"Alexandra is extremely creative. Alexandra was a lot of fun to work with and she has great energy. Alexandra has a wealth of knowledge for what she does. It is very impressive. She has so many fun and amazing ideas, and she was able to quickly and accurately help us find what we needed. I would work with her again, as she is a definite professional and a pleasure to work with."
-Monica Garcia Duggal,

(Alexandra helped Monica brainstorm names for her banking company, name TBA)
“Alexandra came and spoke at Stanford, and generously offered to help students with their business names. I took her up on her offer and she was incredibly helpful, giving me the tools and support I needed to come up with a name for my fund pitch. She is very creative, and great outside-the-box thinker. I highly recommend working with her."
-Alexia Tsotsis,

(Alexandra helped Alexia brainstorm names for her company, name TBA)
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