In addition to name & taglines, here are some of the other buzz-building branding services we offer:
Launch Materials
Whether you want to grab the attention of the media, wow your investors, or get employees on board with the new name, we have the ideas to make it happen.

Monetized Merchandise
Clever store names and restaurant names can be monetized through merchandise sales and licensing. We can suggest products that fit your brand, and we can hook you up with our other clients for partnerships. For instance, Spoon Me was the first retailer to have their own customized SIGG water bottle.

Promotional Ideas
After we create the world’s coolest new brand name for you, we can help you spread the word by suggesting innovative promotional ideas including contests, social media marketing ideas, and flash mobs.

Brand Extensions
Our names lend themselves beautifully to brand extensions. From something as simple as naming the “just-add-vodka” version of Bloom energy drink a “Sonic Bloom,” to suggesting flavors and gift sets that play off your name.

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