Namer Convention at Eat My Words

Posted by Alexandra Watkins on February 10, 2007

Eat My Words and Igor are hosting a namer party/reunion/gossip fest at the Eat My Words party pad next week. We invited every namer in the Bay Area, and just about all of them are converging here to tell everyone how successful they are. In addition to the professional namers, a professional mind-reader will mingle with the guests and steal their ideas for me and the Bad Boys of Igor, since we don’t have any ideas of our own. We’re also spiking drinks with truth serum (more commonly known as sodium pentothal), to get namers to spill their guts and reveal closely guarded patented processes.

Abnu, Wordlab
Alexandra Watkins, Eat My Words
Alton Wright, Wright Brands
Amy Sherman
Andrea Michaels, Acme Naming
Anthony Shore, Landor
Aaron Hall, Catchword
Beth Gerber, Gerber Creative
Burt Alper, Catchword
Carol Miller, Red Pentameter
Daniel Edelstein
Eunice Park, Landor
Dave Hurlbert
Deborah Schatten, Brandese
Frank Binney
Jay Jurisich, Igor
Jonathan Littman, Simmer Branding Studio
Lisa Awrey
Marc Hershon, Simmer Branding Studio
Maria Cypher, Catchword
Mark Gunnion, Mark Gunnion Names
Marty Neumeier, Neutron LLC
Nan Budinger, Metaphor
Nancy Friedman, Wordworking
Reed Kirk Rahlmann
Sandra Lee Messer
Shannon De Jong
Steve Cecil, Wherewords
Steve Manning, Igor
Steve Price, Lexicon
Susan Manning
Susan Carp, Imagineering
Tate Linden, Stokefire

Stay tuned for a full report…

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