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How to get our signature naming style

Whether we come up with names for you or Alexandra teaches you how to make a name for yourself, if you follow our advice, you’ll end up with an awesome name that people can spell, pronounce, and remember.

That’s what makes Eat My Words’ names so desirable.

There are number of ways to work with us. Look below to find out what melts your butter.

How Do You Want To Work With Us?

We Do It For You

Our founder, Alexandra Watkins, author of the brand name bible, Hello, My Name Is Awesome, works on every naming project personally, so you can be assured that you’re doing business with the leading authority on brand names with buzz.

Prices for our brand naming services are based on project scope, timing, trademark registration landscape, domain requirements, how many of our chefs our working on your project, and if you require both a first round and second round of names.

(Because we have worked on hundreds of naming projects, we can often nail it in one round, but if your product or company is a saturated trademark class, you will automatically get a second round.)


Business Naming Services

Your company name will last longer and get used more than any other investment you make in your business. That’s why it’s worthwhile to invest in a name that will stand the test of time. Discover what makes our style of names so powerful and why you should only hire a naming firm or branding agency with a creative company name.

Price: $15K+
Time: 3 weeks+

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Product Naming Services

You’ve invested endless time and resources into creating a phenomenal product. Don’t diminish its chances of success by giving it a name that’s weak or troublesome. Your product deserves a name that’s as great as it is. Amazon, Coca-Cola, Twitter, and Google hire Eat My Words to name products and services. And you can, too.

Price: $15K+
Time: 3 weeks+

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Tagline & Slogan Development

We will happily do emotionally-driven taglines and catchy slogans for any names that we create. Or if you already have a business name and and need a tagline or slogan to help position or promote your company, we can brainstorm a range of creative ideas. Clever taglines we’ve created include: “Indulgence in a nutshell,” for Oregon Hazelnuts; “Crazy for popcorn” for Pop Psychology; and “Worshippers Welcome,” for the Church of Cupcakes.

Price: $10K
Time: 3 weeks

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Brand Extensions & Monetized Merchandise

Our brand extension capabilities include creative names for social media handles, blogs, newsletters, conference rooms, job titles, marketing materials, business awards, and service packages. We can also can help monetize your name with clever slogans for branded merch that your target audience will eat up, like “Shut up and Spoon Me!” t-shirts for Spoon Me frozen yogurt stores. Imagine CUSTOMERS PAYING YOU to advertise your brand for you!

Price: 15K+
Time: 3 weeks

Name It ASAP -40% OFF!

The fastest way to get our help is to supercharge your creativity and do a session with our founder, Alexandra Watkins, author of THE book on brand names, Hello, My Name Is Awesome. You’ll complete our proprietary creative brief and Alexandra will go to work coming up with a short list of names for you. During a 90 minute Zoom call, she’ll show you 40+ high-quality name ideas for a fraction of what it costs to hire us for a full service engagement.

Price: $5000 $2999 on sale!
Time: Usually 1-week

t-shirt with dollar sign shows monetized merchandise

Consulting & Professional Name Review

As the author of the leading book on brand names, our founder Alexandra Watkins is uniquely qualified as a brand name consultant. She has been tapped by companies from Amazon to Xerox for her expertise and valued opinions. Alexandra can advise you on your brand name strategy, suggest domain names, tell you what your best names are and provide her professional opinion before you pull the trigger so you can make sure you make the right choice.

Price: $2K/hour
Time: 1 hour minimum

Alexandra Teaches You

Thousands of people around the world have learned to create memorable brand names by following Alexandra’s step-by-step process and using her professional tools and techniques. She makes it fun and easy to make a name for yourself.

Corporate clients have two ways of working with Alexandra – bring her to facilitate a half-day workshop where your team will name one of your products in real time. Or, have her train your organization with a customized online course and coaching program, which can include naming one of your products and learning to build group consensus. Individuals can also enroll in Alexandra’s popular online course and coaching program, where they can work with her directly to develop powerful names and taglines.

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Half Day Naming Workshops

Our founder, brand name expert Alexandra Watkins will lead your team of 5 or more people in an exciting half day naming workshop where you will follow a proven process to ideate names for one of your products or services in real time. Learn best practices, get new brainstorming tools and techniques, ideate names, discover how to evaluate names objectively, and build consensus so you end up with the right name, not the name that’s met with the least resistance.

Price: $25K for up to 15 attendees
Time: 4.5 hours

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6-Week Training for In-house Teams

A marriage of her Naming Workshop and Online Course and Coaching program, Alexandra can create a custom training for your product, innovation, or marketing team where they will take a deep dive into what makes or breaks a name, how to brainstorm like a pro, and how to evaluate names so you end up with right name, not the name that’s met with the least resistance. Attendees receive goodie boxes and weekly surprise packages.

Price: Please Inquire
Time: 6 weeks of content and training calls

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Speaking Engagements & Lectures

Alexandra’s engaging presentations on brand names have delighted audiences at the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center, Startup Grind, Collision, Brandstorm, Endeavor, and more. She is a popular guest lecturer and has presented to thousands of MBA students at prestigious universities including UC Berkeley, Dartmouth, USC, INSEAD and Stanford, the latter which has had her speak 10 times.

Price: Gratis to $15K
Time: 45-90 min. preso

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Online Course & Coaching

Alexandra’s fun and fruitful online course and coaching program, How To Create Super Sticky Brand Names, will show you how to develop professional-quality business and product names that get noticed and get sales. This easy-to-follow framework features colorful lessons that will keep you engaged the entire time. And you’ll be able to work with her directly on your calls together.

Price: $599 and up (with promo code)
Time: 6 hours of online content

Our Prices

Prices for our full service brand naming services are based on project scope, timing, trademark registration landscape, domain requirements, how many of our chefs our working on your project, and if you require both a first round and second round of names. Feel free to inquire if you’d like more information.

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