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Outstanding Products Need Outstanding Names

You’ve invested endless time and resources into creating a phenomenal product. Don’t diminish its chances of success by giving it a name that’s weak or troublesome. Your product deserves a name that’s as strong as it is. It’s time you work with a product naming agency. 

As a chief marketing officer, brand manager, or marketing director, you know it makes sense to have a solid naming strategy. If you lack the internal creativity to develop buzz-worthy names, we suggest you enlist the help of the name development experts at Eat My Words.

For over a decade, CPG companies from Coca-Cola to Colgate, and  have trusted our product naming agency because we consistently create breakout brand names that get trademarked, get noticed, and get sales. Other product naming agencies even farm out creative naming projects to Eat My Words because we are known for inventing love-at-first-sight names. Wonder how the Wendy’s Baconator got it’s name? Another naming firm farmed it out to us. #loveatfirstbite

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The Most Important Part of Your Brand Identity

At Eat My Words, 100% of what we do is creating brilliant and bulletproof brand names because at its essence, your name is the core of your brand identity.

Unlike many creative service businesses who undervalue developing names or branding firms who will rush and get you a “so-so name” because what they really want to do is design a logo, our team members put great care into coming up with likeable names for our clients’ brands. We have a proven creative process and project framework that’s truly different from other naming companies. Our sole focus is coming up with dozens of imaginative product name suggestions for you. 

Your creative development process starts with completing our proprietary Creative Brief. To better understand your needs, we’ll want to learn about your company, brand strategy, target market, domain name needs, competitors in your industry, and more.

From there, we’ll have a team Kickoff Meeting, then our team will get to work creating your first round of names, which you can expect back in a few weeks. 

The hardest part of our process is not going to be finding a name you like, it will be choosing between so many names that you like and narrowing it down to just one!

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Learn More About Our Product Naming Process

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If you’ve gotten this far, we hope you feel like your search for a product naming agency is over. We’d love to talk to you and learn about your company and your naming project needs.

Since we know you’re going to ask, our product naming service prices range from $2,500 – $30,000 and are based on your project scope, timing, trademark landscape, domain requirements, number of rounds of names, project management, linguistic and cultural screening needs, and additional verbal branding services you may request.

CPG product naming is our sweet spot and we have developed a streamlined process for it. We usually don’t take on financial services names or tech product names due to endless trademark screening strikeouts. If you’re good with that, let’s talk.

How strong is your brand name?