Get affordable naming services and work with brand name expert Alexandra Watkins for a fraction of what our corporate clients pay.

Brandon Fong hired Alexandra for Fun Size™ (previously called Name It ASAP). He wanted to rebrand his podcast from 7-Figure Millennials to something that spoke more to who he was, but would also attract the kind of guests he was seeking. Alexandra came uo with dozens of name ideas, and gave the podcast the new and improved name, Beyond Curious™.

No other investment you make in your business will last longer and get used more than your brand name. The impact of a well-crafted name cannot be underestimated. It will maximizes your success, instantly make your brand shine, and help you gain market share.

Conceiving and choosing a brand name without any professional input can cost you dearly and damage your brand. Plus, spinning your wheels trying to come up with catchy brand names can be a fruitless and frustrating process that can put you behind schedule.

A more efficient use of your time, which will result in a faster time to market, is to hire a professional. Not just anyone who calls themselves a professional namer though. Your greatest chance of naming success is to collaborate with an industry powerhouse. Specifically, Alexandra Watkins, the creative force behind Eat My Words and many of the names in our unmatched portfolio of fun and clever names, including the Wendy’s Baconator, frozen yogurt franchise Spoon Me, and the Neato robotic vacuum.

As the author of the definitive guide on brand names, Hello, My Name Is Awesome: How To Create Brand Names That Stick, Alexandra is widely recognized as the foremost authority on creating unforgettable brand names that get noticed and get sales.


Fun Size™ is the most affordable brand naming service for emerging businesses with a shoestring budget.

While our corporate clients, including Coca-Cola, Google, and Twitter (errrr, X) , pay Eat My Words up to $50,000 for full service name development packages, Alexandra understands that even our $17,500 full service package is out of reach for many new businesses and shoestring entrepreneurs. And she also knows that the smaller the client, the more willing they are to choose fun, cool, or clever names. That’s why Alexandra created Fun Size.

Formerly called Name It ASAP, new Fun Size allows people starting a company on a shoestring to get expert guidance and range of high-quality, high-value, name ideas for a fraction of what it costs to hire our naming firm for a full service engagement.

To qualify for Fun Size, businesses must meet the following criteria:

  • Self-funded company
  • 3 employees or fewer
  • A desire for our unique signature style of creative, fun, clever, and or/evocative names
  • Your name is not dependent on exact match dot com domain name being available

If the above criteria fits you, click below to book a Discovery Call, or read on to learn more.

You’ll get creative name suggestions, a highly-productive brainstorming session, live video recording, tips, and more.

When you you’re approved by Alexandra for a Fun Size naming package, here’s what she will do for you:
• Send you an official Eat My Words’ Fun Size Creative Brief to complete
• Brainstorm 50 or more creative name ideas for you in advance
• Facilitate a 90-minute Interactive Live Call and Name Review Session
• Present you a range of creative name choices
• Share her expert opinion and advice on the names you’ve come up with on your own
• Reveal top-secret online brainstorming resources not listed in her book
• Provide personalized guidance on how to generate names on your own
• Run professional trademark screens on your Top 5 name choices
• Do a 30 minute brainstorming session to help you create taglines, domain names, and more
• Send you a personalized document with all of the names and brainstorming links, along with other brainstorming sources you may not have had time to tap into
• Share the names of her trademark attorney, designers, and other experts you may need to help launch your business

Just a few of the Fun Size names Alexandra has come up with:

Expect a transformational and fun creative experience.

At least one week before your live session, you’ll provide background information on your brand using the official Eat My Words’ Creative Brief. This will allow Alexandra to get up to speed on your challenge and brainstorm in advance. (She will set up a call
with you if she has any questions before she starts.)

During your supercharged session, Alexandra will give you her professional opinion on any names you’ve come up with on your own. (She can always spot a diamond in the rough, which Alexandra may be able to turn into gems.)

Next, she will reveal a range of creative names that she’s came up with in advance. She’ll ask for your feedback on them, so she can see what you like and explore more names for you on the call if you like. Then Alexandra will pull back the curtain and show you how she works her magic.

Based on your unique needs, she will give you a customized creative experience. You’ll get access to her best brainstorming tools, including secret sources so valuable to her that she doesn’t reveal them in her book or masterclass. (Even if you spend the whole call talking about the names she came up with for you, she’ll still send you her best brainstorming resources.)

By the end of your session, you’ll have fresh name ideas and the knowledge, tools, and confidence to move forward. And if none of the names Alexandra comes up with for you make you smile, your money will be refunded. That’s how confident she is in her work.

See What Clients Are Saying

“Alexandra was smart, engaging, and fun! She did a ton of preliminary research and naming based on my initial info. She shared all her secret tools and really took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for. It was definitely worth the time and money.”
– Jerett Turner

“Alexandra instantly understood what my business was about, the target demographic, how to appeal to them, the mood, the tone She just “GOT IT” and saved me so much time and effort and energy. So many people told me not to pay a company to name my business – I wasted at least six months. I should’ve gone to Alexandra right away.” 
– Paula Bennett

“It was great working with Alexandra who has an uncanny ability to jump start any product or business naming process. Expect very unique and memorable names.”
– Andrew Sofie

Alexandra was most helpful on our call helping us break a deadlock on some name options. She did her homework and in just a short hour came up with some wonderful options. We used the online tools she gave us to further vet other options on the table. I would highly recommend her to any entrepreneur before they make the mistake of choosing a real bad name.”
– Alex Frost

“We worked with Alexandra to name our sub-brand and WOW. She is a powerhouse of strategy and creativity fueled by instinct. Her process was the most efficient use of time and effort that I can possibly imagine.”

– Lisa Prange

“Alexandra managed to help me very effectively and very quickly. I needed to have a business name quickly for a business we needed to get up and running. She was genuinely interested in knowing about my business and my clients and what my new business stands for. She was friendly and very easy to work with.”
– Garth Davis

To Learn More & See If You Qualify, Book a Discovery Call

Think about how many times someone will see or say your business name. The power of an awesome name is priceless. You can’t afford to get it wrong. But you can afford investing in a name that will last a lifetime.

Because she’s busy juggling corporate naming projects and running the business, Alexandra only does one or two Fun Size projects a month. So if you want to work with her, don’t wait. Click the blue button below and book your Discovery Call right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

To qualify for Fun Size, businesses must meet the following criteria:

  • Must want our style of cool names (e.g. Spoon Me fro yo, Retriever GPS for dogs, Starbloom dance academy, Gringo Lingo Spanish school, Garden Society cannabis edibles, Numberjack accounting, Chuggernaut beer growlers, Bounce blow dry bars, Pop Psychology popcorn)
  • Self-funded company
  • 3 employees or fewer
  • A desire for our unique signature style of creative, fun, clever, and or/evocative names
  • Your name is not dependent on exact match dot com domain name being available
  • If the above criteria fits you, click below to book a Discovery Call, or read on to learn more.
  • NOTE: AI, software, technology, healthcare, financial services, clothing, nutritional supplements, marketing, or creative services, often require more extensive work due to trademark saturation.

How many names will I get?
You will receive a minimum of 50 names, often many more.

What’s the best way to prepare for my Fun Size™ session?
The more information you can include in your Creative Brief, the more productive and successful your session will be. Also, if you haven’t done so already, it’s suggested that you read (or at least skim) the first three breezy chapters of Alexandra’s book, Hello, My Name is Awesome.

How can I maximize my time with Alexandra?
To give Alexandra as much creative leeway as possible, provide all of the background information you’re asked for in advance, including any names you’ve come up with on your own and any words you might want to explore having in your new name. 

How does Alexandra prep for my call?
She will need a week or two to study your background information, review the names you’ve come up with on your own, dive into your her brainstorming sources, and create a solid list of starter names. If she has questions before she begins, she’ll set up a quick call with you.

Will my names be trademark screened?
Due to the quick turnaround and low cost, the names presented to you will not have been screened for trademark conflicts, however you will receive professional trademark screens on your top 5 name choices from our trademark partner, Indie Law.

Will the domain names be available?
Again, due to the quick turnaround and low cost, domain names will not be screened. However, Alexandra is happy to suggest domain name modifier words for you. (No one expects new companies to have exact match domain name any more and having a modifier word in your name, e.g. Painting, will help search engines find you.)

Do you take credit cards?

Do you have payment plans?
Yes, we offer a 2-month payment plan.

How strong is your brand name?