Easily Learn To Create Brand Names

You’ll be creating professional-quality names right away – even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body!

Choosing a weak brand name
will damage your business.
Can you afford to get it wrong?

The lifetime consequences
of a naming failure:

(Expect to have to deal with many of these issues.)

• Poor word of mouth
• Lack of brand awareness
• Bounced emails due to misspelling
• Bungled pronunciations
• Customer confusion
• Trademark hassles

• Frustrated employees
• Annoyed journalists
• Copycat accusations
• Getting flagged by spellcheck
• Endless explanations
• A lifetime of regret

Find out if you have
a crappy name…

(Answer honestly – no one is watching.)

  1. Does your name look like a typo?
  2. Do you have to spell it out loud when your give your website address?
  3. Is it an unfamiliar word that you need to explain?
  4. Does it get mispronounced?
  5. Does it rely on a dot in the domain na.me to spell it correct.ly?
  6. Does it sound like or use any of the same words of your competitors?
  7. Is it in a foreign language?
  8. Does it rely on the logo or colors to aid in pronunciation?
  9. Does it have a diacritical mark to aid in pronunciation?
  10. Have people pointed out things that are wrong with it?

If you answered, “Yes,” to any of these, you are losing sales!

Why it’s so difficult to come up with great names on your own.

Check as many as apply:

No wonder why you came here seeking relief!

Imagine if you got unstuck today!

How would you feel if you had a name that . . .

• Attracted customers
• Let you command a higher price
• You could build a brand around
• Had a theme you could build on
• Was easy for people to spell and pronounce
• Stood out from competitors
• Made people smile
• Got Tweeted and repeated
• Could be monetized with merchandise
• Created instant brand affinity
• Got compliments
• Was a pleasure for journalist to write about
• You were truly proud of

You can have ALL of this and more…

Learn the goof-proof way to create brilliant brand names with
this easy step-by-step course!

How To Create Super Sticky Brand Names will show you how to create powerful names that attract customers and boost sales. Taught by Alexandra Watkins, by the woman who literally wrote the book on brand names, this is a true masterclass. You won’t find this level of naming expertise and professional guidance in any other branding course.

Meet your expert instructor
and brand name guide.

I’m Alexandra Watkins, founder of Eat My Words and your brand name coach. We’ll be working together to get you a name you love.

I know a thing or ten about naming brands. For more than 15 years, I’ve led naming projects for hundreds of clients including Amazon, Coca-Cola, Disney, Google, and Twitter.

And I’ve created countless love-at-first sight brand names — like a GPS for dogs named Retriever, The Church of Cupcakes, and the robotic vacuum Neato. I’m also the author of the brand name bible, Hello, My Name Is Awesome.

How does all this help YOU?

I’m now making all of my expertise available to you for a fraction of what big brands pay.

I have put together the ultimate, no brainer naming course so you can succeed at creating memorable and unique names for your company or product.

And don’t worry – anyone can do this – you do not need to be creative at all! So stop wasting your precious time brainstorming and deliberating, all to hit a dead-end.

Sign up for my highly interactive course below and you’ll get all the tools you need so that you can come up with a brand name that will stick, not stink.

Don’t waste another day struggling
with your brand name! Sign up for the course today and if you’d like to work with me directly and launch your brand faster, sign up for Group Coaching or Private Coaching.

Enjoy stimulating interactive lessons to get new ideas flowing.

The course is designed for people who want to create names in real time. And you’ll get so much more out of it than simply reading Alexandra’s book. Every minute of it will hold your attention with colorful imagery and examples. (Visuals have been proven to increase knowledge retention by as much as 400%!)

Here’s why this course has been called, “her book on steroids in Technicolor”

  • 30+ creative and thought-provoking exercises relevant to your specific challenges
  • Engaging videos full of colorful eye candy
  • Interactive and fun learning experiences help the material sink in
  • Fillable Creative Brief with a full lesson on how to complete yours
  • Valuable downloads like a comprehensive Name Change Checklist
  • Demonstrations of how to best mine the online goldmine
  • Countless examples and lots of nifty tips and tricks
  • 3 different lessons on how to invent names like a pro
  • A full brainstorming lesson on how to create phrases and puns
  • More money-saving domain name tips
  • Knowledge checks to make sure you’re grasping the concepts

This is the first time all of this has been available to you!

You’ll walk through 6 learning modules that will result in a name you can implement right away.

The course kicks off by detailing 5 qualities you absolutely want in your name (SMILE) and 7 hidden hazards that will harm your brand. (SCRATCH).

Next you’ll learn how to avoid domain name pain.

Then you’ll complete your brand name roadmap, your Creative Brief.

Next you’ll engage in professional brainstorming techniques that will result in a wealth of creative name ideas.

Finally, you’ll see before and after makeovers and learn how to execute a name change.

All of these lessons are practical and can be put to use right away –there is nothing theoretical, so you won’t be wasting any time.

The course is designed so you can hit the ground running and come up with lots and lots of fresh name ideas.

Anyone can ace this!

Here’s what you’ll get that you can use throughout your career.

  • A thorough understanding of what kind of names attract customers
  • The knowledge to avoid unforeseen perils and pitfalls
  • Brainstorming techniques that have never been shared before
  • The confidence to create and evaluate brand names like a pro
  • Supercharged creativity
  • Strategies to overcome domain name pain
  • Secrets of the online goldmine
  • The ability to generate tons of name ideas that go beyond the obvious
  • A reusable Creative Brief template
  • Insight of how to use a name to boost sales
  • Advice on how to save money on domain names
  • Reassurance you’ll never have a lame name
  • The tools to successfully execute a name change

What people are saying
about learning Alexandra’s
proven techniques:

If you want to give your company, product, or service a brilliant name, or just level up your approach to naming, wordsmithing, copywriting, or branding–then this course is definitely for you. Every lesson was engaging, fun, captivating, and educational to the max. The insights per minute were jam packed. The content was so much fun, it didn’t feel like I was learning! This course should be mandatory for all marketers!

– Alice Ko, Director of Marketing Communications

“After spending hundreds of dollars on a “brand naming” Fiverr Gig only to be frustrated with the results, I turned to Alexandra’s “How To Create Super Sticky Brand Names” online course and could not be happier! Even for a “non-creative” person like myself, her easy to follow process delivered a name I am proud to build my brand around.

Greg Adams, Host, Change of Altitude Podcast

“The complete course and its creative exercises showed me how to generate IMPRESSIVE name ideas. My 1-on-1 coaching videocall with Alexandra helped me build on those ideas and refine them into fabulous options for business names and taglines that will undoubtedly appeal to my future customers. I’ll never regret my investment.”

– Teresa Fitzgerald, Moonshot Studios

“When I signed up for the course, I needed help stat with learning how to name things–both for myself, and for my clients. This course was an in-depth look into the art and science of naming. It was a treat to talk to Alexandra in the group session and see her in action. I’m excited to implement what I’ve learned.”

– Emily Stifler Wolfe, Writer & Strategist

“I was STUCK for over 3 years on what to name my brand! I was leaving money on the table by not having a strong business name. I did the lessons and am so glad I signed up for the group coaching, too. In just one call, Alexandra quickly helped me narrow down dozens of my choices and, with her suggested tweak, I had a winner!”

– Karen Lum, Video Producer

“With her upbeat style and pop-y graphics, Alexandra managed, with great success, to balance the twin demands of information dissemination and fun. The course was so thorough and well-organized, that at the end, I felt she had pulled back the curtain, and given me a front row seat on how great brand names are created.”
– Carolyn Thiedke, MD

Is this course right for you?

If you recognize yourself below, this will be tremendously beneficial.

  • Advertising Agency
  • Branding Firm
  • Brand Strategist
  • Business Owner
  • Copywriter
  • Designer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Innovation Team
  • Inventor
  • Marketing firm
  • Namer
  • Product designer
  • Product marketer
  • Trademark attorney

Answers to your
burning questions.

I’ve already bought Alexandra’s book, Hello My Name is Awesome. Why should I enroll in her course as well?

Think of it as going on a trip. In the book, Hello, My Name is Awesome, you’ll find the map that gets you where you need to go (aka to the Land of Awesome Brand Names) as well as all the important signposts and information about what you’ll find along your journey. But you’ll have to make your own way there.

In the “How to Create Super Sticky Brand Names” online course though, Alexandra will be guiding you every step of the way, offering invaluable details of how her process works and making sure you don’t take any wrong turns. In the book, for example, she lists online sources for ideas, but in the online course she actually shows them to you and teaches you how to maximize your results so you come up with a lot more ideas. And along the way, she will reveal a ton of neat little tricks that she left out of the book.

To get back to the trip analogy: if the book is a great, accurate map, the “How to Create Super Sticky Brand Names” course is your personal GPS. It’s visual, it’s dynamic, it’s actionable — and it’s loads of fun. 

How many hours will it take me to take the course?

About six hours — if you do it from start to finish. But you don’t have to! The lessons are bite-sized (videos average 5-7 minutes) for a reason: so that you can complete them in your own time and even listen to them when you’re on the go. (Some of the Brainstorming lessons are a little longer but that’s just because Alexandra had so much to share with you! There are also several downloadable PDFs that sum up your learning and offer extra tips and resources. Those you can skim as needed and have them as a reference when you’re knee-deep into the naming process.

What types of results should I expect after finishing the course?

World domination! We’re only half-kidding. The power to come up with brand names that stick, is a game changer — and that’s what you’re getting after finishing the course. You’ll have all the tools to generate tons of name ideas that go beyond the obvious and avoid unforeseen perils and pitfalls. You’ll have professional naming techniques you can pull out of your arsenal and implement right away. More importantly, you’ll be able to tap into your creativity (even if you think you have none) and boost your confidence. Oh, and then there’s also that little thing about getting happy, loyal and long-term customers in the years to come thanks to the name you chose… Doesn’t it feel like conquering the world now?

Click below to choose the
Course Pricing Plan
that best fits your needs.

Hey, don’t go yet . . . how many times will people see, hear, and say your brand name in its lifetime? Do the math.

The number of lifetime impressions your name makes is incalculable.

No other investment you’ll make in your business will last longer or get used more than your name. Getting it wrong can have painful consequences.

Just like jumping into a relationship before you really get to know someone, you may not discover the faults of a poorly chosen name right away. You’ll be too caught up in everything else you need to do to launch a new product or company. It won’t be until after you’ve started to build a future together that you realize your name “has issues.”

You can’t afford to have a compromised name that will hurt you for a lifetime. But you can afford a few hours to learn how to get a name that doesn’t suck!

Choose the course package
that melts your butter.

Just the Meat
The complete course and including a customizable Naming Brief and Name Change Rebrand Checklist.
  • Online Course
  • 4 Course Bonuses*
Chef's Table
The complete course PLUS live help through monthly video group coaching calls with Alexandra Watkins.
  • Online Course
  • 4 Course Bonuses*
  • Group Coaching Calls
  • Trademark Attorney Preso & Q&A
  • Call Recordings
Private Chef
The complete course, group coaching, PLUS a 1:1 brainstorming session, and a name review with Alexandra.
  • Online Course
  • 4 Course Bonuses*
  • Group Coaching Calls
  • Trademark Attorney Preso & Q&A
  • Call Recordings
  • Private Brainstorming Lesson
  • Professional Name Review
  • Direct Access to Alexandra
Group Catering
Customized 6-week training for work teams of 5+. Get coached by Alexandra to name one of your products.
  • Customized Online Course
  • Signed Book and Goodie Boxes
  • Group Coaching Calls
  • Lesson Reviews & Feedback
  • Call Recordings
  • Private Brainstorming Lessons (2)
  • Professional Name Reviews (2)
  • Consensus Building Exercise
  • Priority Access to Alexandra
  • Weekly Surprise Packages
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