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A strong name will attract customers, increase sales, and differentiate your brand. A weak name can permanently hurt your business and drive away potential customers.

Chances are you lack the skills you need to create memorable names, identify hidden hazards, and pull the trigger with confidence. Let’s change that!

In this free Mini Masterclass from Eat My Words’ founder, Alexandra Watkins, you’ll learn how to spot the winners and ditch the duds. And you’ll discover surprisingly easy ways to instantly increase your ability to generate loads of original name ideas. Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body.

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In this supercharged power hour, you’ll learn:

• 5 qualities that will make your name bullet-proof
• 7 deadly dealbreakers that will damage your brand and hurt sales
• Pro brainstorming secrets like Alexandra’s awesome “Googlestorming” technique
• Tricks to bypass domain name roadblocks using a little creativity
• How you can save up to $1000 on the complete masterclass

Meet your brand name expert.

Alexandra literally wrote the book on brand names.

Author of the brand name bible, Hello, My Name Is Awesome, Eat My Words founder, Alexandra Watkins, is the leading authority on breakthrough brand names. Since 2005, she has led hundreds of naming projects for clients including Amazon, Coca-Cola, Disney, Google, and Twitter.  Through her best-selling book, speaking engagements, consulting, and webinars, Alexandra has taught thousands of people, even non-creative types, how to successfully use her practical methods to create brand names that get noticed and get sales. More on Alexandra here.

Questions? Get the straight dope.

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Get answers to your questions, like…

“Should I use a domain extension other than dot com, like .ai or .io?”
“Is it okay to have a long name?”
“How should I test my name?”
“How do you measure the ROI of a name?”
“Do I need to check the meaning of my name in other languages?”

“I was glued to my screen the entire hour.”

“Alexandra makes learning about names a blast! I was glued to my screen the entire hour. This is not death-by-Powerpoint webinar! Everything about it was engaging.”
– Angelic Ezekiel
Social Marketing Manager, Eventbrite

“Well organized with a lot of information packed into the hour, but in a way that is easy to digest and incredibly engaging. Definitely time well spent!”
– A.K. Wood
Data-driven Marketing Strategist

“I learned more about brand names in one “happy hour” with Alexandra than I learned in my entire marketing career! You won’t find this level of expertise in any textbook.”
– Gonzalo Olmedo, MBA, PhD
Marketing Strategist

Alexandra shared so many free brand name tips! I really liked seeing the creative ways she uses Google to brainstorm. Watching this makes me want to enroll in her full masterclass.
– Kari Nash, Entrepreneur

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