Naming Workshops

Name your brand in real time!

A strong brand is critical to the success of your product or business. However, if you’re like most companies, you can’t afford to hire a professional naming agency or branding company every time you need a name for a new product, service, or sub-brand. 

And you probably don’t have the professional guidance or safety barriers for a large internal naming process. But now you can learn a formal and fun process to create and land on the perfect product or business name. 

Our founder, brand expert Alexandra Watkins, will lead your team of 5 or more in an exciting half-day naming workshop.

Each attendee will receive a surprise goodie box with a signed copy of Alexandra’s best-selling book, Hello, My Name Is Awesome, a Food For Thought notepad and other treats to inspire creativity and fuel ideas.

Real-time & Actionable Naming Workshops

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During this fast-paced brand naming workshop, participants will work closely with Alexandra to name a brand for YOUR business.

Each person will learn to:

• Quickly and easily evaluate the strength of any name.
• Understand how to write a Creative Brief to drive success.
• Generate names using a range of creative tricks, tools, and techniques.
• Increase the quality and quantity of names they create.
Have their best name ideas seen & heard (even if they are introverts).
• Build group consensus using a positive ranking system.
• Ultimately land on the right name, not the name met with the least resistance.

By the end of the workshop, every attendee will have new tools and templates to create memorable names that attract customers and get sales. Plus, they’ll have this nifty goodie box with a signed copy of Alexandra’s best-selling book, Hello, My Name is Awesome.

What Our Naming Workshop Clients Say:

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Stacey Cirillo​

Vice President, Innovation, Portfolio & Enterprise Strategy

“Our product naming workshop with Alexandra was fun and fruitful. Her presentation of best practices followed by a live demo of how she came up with names for our product empowered us with new tools and techniques to try ourselves.

 Using her proven framework, our team was able to brainstorm names for our product independently without any initial “group interference.” It’s remarkable how many names we came up with this way, especially considering there was very little overlap over ideas. 

Best of all, Alexandra gave us criteria to objectively evaluate names, and an easy-to-implement process that allows us to consider everyone’s contributions equally, regardless of their position in the company.

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Steve Donegan

Product Creation Design Manager

“Our workshop with Alexandra proved to be an engaging, fun and invigorating experience that provided keenly intelligent insight on creating effective naming conventions and supporting successful branding principles.

The approach that Eat My Words has utilized to consistently create unique and memorable names that apply to brands, products and services is refreshing, and our team learned a great deal about leveraging resources and creative process.

Alexandra enthusiastically offered a highly valuable business session that will certainly benefit our company’s perspective on future naming studies in a very positive manner.”

Our Naming Workshop Process

PART 1: Naming Process & Best Practices

In an eye-opening presentation full of colorful examples and client stories, Alexandra will teach your team her signature naming process, which includes how to create and evaluate product names like a pro.

She’ll reveal some of her most lucrative resources and strategies for name ideation, which she held back from including in her best-selling book and online branding course because she wanted to save them for her clients.

PART 2: Naming Project Briefing

The first step to creating effective names is to complete a Creative Brief to describe your background and objectives. The Brief will help you define and focus on your brand strategy and ultimately come up with great name ideas.

In advance of our workshop, a member of your team will complete the Creative Brief template and answer questions about the product/company/website we are naming or doing a rebrand for. This includes information on your target market, brand personality, name categories, business competition, company core values, brand identity, example name likes, other words you like, trademark category(s), and more.

The Brief will be our roadmap for Part 3.

PART 3: Brainstorming Session

To get the ball rolling, Alexandra will reveal potential names she came up beforehand and demonstrate how she arrived at each idea, revealing even more powerful brainstorming resources.

Then, participants will work on their own, utilizing the recently learned tools, techniques, and resources to brainstorm ideas. Everyone will see how much more efficient it is to initially work solo, even in a conference room. From the very first name they write down, each person will feel free to be creative and be surprised with how many great ideas they come up with!

PART 4: Name Review & Consensus Building

In this important step, all of the names created by the team will be distributed to the workshop participants as a blind review exercise. Everyone’s opinions are given equal weight at the start. No good names will go unnoticed. Then, all names will be revealed in the Consensus Building Exercise.

Team members will be able to champion their favorite names, talking about the potential for each name including opportunities to extend it through marketing and social media. The goal is to get down to a short list of names for you to send for preliminary trademark research.

Our relationship doesn’t end here…

Post-trademark screening, Alexandra will review the final name candidates with your team, giving you her professional opinion.

Product and Business Naming Workshops are for:

  • Companies who want to learn how to produce more exciting names internally.
  • Any organization who needs a name or to rebrand with new name and website.
  • Marketing, innovation, product development, and creative services departments.
  • Copywriters who want to sharpen their naming skills and get new resources.
  • Teams of 5+ who prefer a half-day workshop vs. Alexandra’s 6-week course.

How strong is your brand name?