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Posted by Alexandra Watkins on February 14, 2007

The first annual Bay Area’s namers’ summit was held at the Eat My Words party pad on Tuesday, February 13, 2007. Sponsored by Igor and Eat My Words, the event was a smashing success. So much juicy gossip was exchanged, but I am under NDA so you won’t be hearing it from me. Attendees included hotshots from Landor, Catchword, Lexicon and more. More scandalous photos posted in the official party album. If you missed the fun, lick the screen to taste the menu…


  • iTini (Apple martinis – get it?)
  • Mother Pucker (a lemon drop with a cooler name)
  • Neopolitan (what we call a Cosmo around here)

FOOD (by Chef Pelle)

  • Pesto baked brie & imported cheeses with fresh fruit, rustic breads & olives
  • Miniature filet mignon with balsamic caramelized onions & Roquefort
  • Spicy crab & scallop cakes with a cilantro lime aioli
  • Mini phyllo cups filled with spinach sun dried tomatoes feta cheese & olive tapenade
  • Smoked salmon wraps with baby spinach sweet onions & goat cheese
  • Marinated mushrooms, roasted beets, artichoke hearts, grilled asparagus platter with a roasted garlic saffron aioli
  • Ahi tartars on crisp wonton chips with wasabi aioli & tobiko caviar

See you all next year. And remember, if you don’t come, we’ll talk about you.

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