Who to "Believe"

Posted by Alexandra Watkins on June 5, 2008

We here at Eat My Words are not political animals, but something caught our eye today that is interesting.

Sam Stein at the Huffington Post tells us that, in his words, “McCain Rips Off Obama’s Slogan and Logo“.

Here is his side by side comparison:

Looks a tad familiar no? As Mr. Stein points out, Obama can’t claim ownership of the word “believe”, but he has used is consistently in the campaign. Maybe McCain is implying a subtlety in believing in the man (McCain) more than the ideal (Obama). Whatever, we’ll leave that to people who know about such things. All we will say is that it is either an outright attempt to water down Obama’s believe message, or a misguided attempt to say, hey wait a minute, I’m John Freakin’ McCain, you can believe in me too! What it is not doing is differentiating. Heck, we are already starting to get confused about who is who.

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