On the Radio – Alexandra Explains Money Making Marketing Method

Posted by Alexandra Watkins on June 11, 2008

Alexandra’s latest appearance on PR 101 Radio Wsradio had her discussing how to monetize your company name and how to avoid costly naming mistakes. (Listen here). She spoke at length about one of Eat My Words favorite naming clients, “Spoon Me” and how they have very creatively and successfully used their name to, as Alexandra puts it, “have the customer pay you to advertise your company“.

The reason this works so well for Spoon Me is the rich wordplay surrounding the name.SpoonMeLogoColor They have Spoon Me baby clothes, shirts and our favorite – pajama’s. When they were preparing to open, instead of the usual banner saying “Opening Soon”, theirs said “Spooning Soon”. Other uses are the “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Spoon” signs in their stores, the “Spoon the Chef” barbecue aprons and bumper stickers that say “If you are riding this close you may as well Spoon Me”. The value of all this free advertising and increase in brand awareness is staggering. While monetization will not work for all businesses, those in the retail and service industries can benefit from this unusual Money Making Marketing Method. Certainly t-shirt sales should not be the primary test in deciding on a name, but potential monetization and free advertising can be considered a lucrative fringe benefit.

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