Mistubishi: Is Drive@earth a good idea?

Posted by Alexandra Watkins on June 30, 2008

The official explanation of Mitsubishi’s new, um, tagline, Drive@earth is this twofold nonsense:Drive_earth

  1. The first is the company’s heritage of helping people get anywhere on the planet, particularly with its four wheel drive vehicles.
  2. The second aspect is a recognition of the environment and issues relating to it.


To us it sounds like they are encouraging something like this:

Seriously, what were they thinking? We don’t get either of their two tries at reasons for Drive@earth. Not only is it phony looking and trying too hard with the asperand, but “Drive at earth” just doesn’t make sense from 1, 2 or any aspects.

They may also have some unintentional international pronunciation issues. For example the @ is called:

  • Bulgarian – Monkey A
  • Czech – Rollmops
  • Dutch – Little Monkey Tail
  • Greek – Duckling
  • Hebrew – Strudel
  • Hungarian – Worm, Mite or Maggot
  • Serbian – Crazy A
  • Tagalog – Nipple

So go to the Philippines and DriveNippleEarth

The countdown for a new Mitsubishi tagline starts now.

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