Rival firm Igor continues to dominate Google

Posted by Alexandra Watkins on June 30, 2008

Our friends at Igor have long dominated Google, always appearing in the top results for key phrases including “naming firms,” “branding firms,” and “name my product.” Masters of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Igor is the bane of many naming firms who obsessively monitor their biting blog, Snark Hunting, and are baffled by how Igor continues to stay on top. One rival naming firm owner has paid thousands of dollars to SEO experts, yet still can’t make it to the first-page results. Now the Igorians have really outdone themselves… as of 1:48pm PST today, Igor is the #1 search result on Google for the phrase, “does this make you horny, baby?” We love the guys at Igor too much to try to compete with them over this priceless phrase. (For the record, Eat My Words doesn’t spend any resources on SEO – our highest caliber clients come through word of mouth.)

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