The Kitchen Sink

Wake up and smell the Amsterdam Coffee House.

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal talks about fragrance trends in consumer cleaning products. The scents of pine forests and lemon groves have been upped by “a wildly varied bouquet” including mandarin-lime detergent, lavender vanilla disinfectant and eucalyptus mint toilet bowl cleaners. Although we can’t find any mention of it online, the article says a new deodorizer which hit store shelves last month, promises a “Moroccan bazaar.”

Have you ever been to a bazaar in Morocco? I haven’t, but I have been to bazaars (also known as “souks” or “markets”) in Libya, Egypt, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and countless other countries, and I can assure you that the overwhelming scents of these bazaars, should simply not be bottled.

Here are some of the more memorable scents from my travels, and what I would name them:

Egyptian Camel Breath
Zanzibar Fish Market
Vatican Tourist
Fiery Ganges Breeze
Amsterdam Coffee Shop
Indian Milk Market
Rustic Serengeti Jeep
Peruvian Llama Spray
New Zealand Hostel
Mildewy Rain Forest
Durban Bunny Chow
Smokey Chinese Railcar

Okay, I can say it. But please don’t spray it.
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