Name the baby gorilla – his father will pick the winner.

Posted by Alexandra Watkins on February 23, 2009

The San Francisco Zoo is having a contest to name their new baby gorilla. Get this – the father of the infant, Oscar Jonesy, a dominant silverback gorilla, will choose the winner by selecting one of five colored bamboo sticks. I am not making this up. From the website. “A panel of judges appointed by the Zoo will choose five finalist names. Each name will be connected individually to five colored bamboo sticks and placed out in the Jones Family Gorilla Preserve exhibit for Oscar Jonesy. The first colored bamboo stick he chooses will be the winning name.”

They are looking for “a distinguished name of African origin,” so don’t try to be cute. For the record, I will be submitting the name “Jambo,” which means “Hello” in Swahili. (Swahili is the only language I have ever picked up in my world travels.)

Go here for full contest details.

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