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Posted by Alexandra Watkins on February 24, 2009

We recently renamed a coffee company with what is our most merchandisable name since Spoon Me. We can’t let the name out of the bean bag yet, but in the meantime, here’s a gushing testimonial from the client, Pete…

As a startup company, it was important for the Second Chance Coffee Company to find a professional naming company that was as creative, energetic and focused on providing real value, as we are passionate about our business and mission. We have the right company name but “Second Chance” does not work so well for a coffee product that is roasted and delivered fresh the same day!
When our research turned up Eat My Words as a naming company that serves up “fresh names & taglines to go” we were interested. A little digging into the EMW website made it clear that this was no ordinary naming firm. This website, unlike a bunch of others, was clear and understandable, with none of the marketing mumbo jumbo we’d been wading through elsewhere. The simply powerful “Smile and Scratch Test” prompted us to give Alexandra a call. By the end of the conversation, it was clear that her fresh and engaging approach to naming was what we were looking for. Alexandra’s enthusiasm, passion and track record convinced us that we had found the right solution to our naming conundrum, and the execution of the project has proven that we were correct.
“Good Value” is an understatement. Eat My Words has been very creative, energetic, and professional in every aspect of our project. I would not hesitate to hire EMW and Alexandra again.
Pete Leonard—–

Keep an eye on our blog to find out what we named “Pete’s coffee.”

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