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I must confess that truuconfessions is a truuly dreadful name.

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Regular Kitchen Sink contributor Robin Wolaner of TeeBeeDee tipped us off to this truuly dreadful name, truuconfessions, which was clearly the result of someone thinking they were being clever by snagging the domain name for $9.95 on GoDaddy. (The correct spelling, is parked – why not just pony up the money and save yourselves the nightmare of having to say, “That’s ‘true’ with two u’s and no e” every time they tell someone the name. Painfuul.) Too bad the name is so bad as truuconfessions provides hours of fun… Here are some confessions I found under different categories:

Military Wife: I shop too much while my husband is gone. (Posted by “anonymous”)

Office: If you say “cool beany weenies” one more time I’m going to staple your mouth shut. Your 40 years old, come on! (Posted by “anonymous”)

Mom: It drives me crazy when childless people say “I love my dogs like I would love my kid”. How do you know? You don’t have a kid off which to base that statement. (Posted by “anonymous”)

Bride: I want to kill my MOH! She insisted I try false eyelashes on my wedding day and I foolishly listened to her and had a woman I’d never met come over to put them on. It was such a disaster – I had glue all over my eyelids and I looked like a transvestite with clumpy black long FAKE lashes!!!! (Posted by “anonymous”)

Wife: My husband is pissed at me for not making the kids mow the lawn before he came home from work. (Posted by “anonymous”)

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